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    30 Beautiful Things Fox Has STOLEN From Us By Canceling "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

    Goodbye, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You were too pure and beautiful for this world.

    Fox just up and canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine because apparently we don't deserve it.

    Here are a few things those COWARDS decided that we're better off without:

    1. Jake and Amy's perfect relationship.

    2. Jake's even more beautiful love affair with Die Hard.

    3. And his lifelong love of Shakespeare.

    4. Gina's appropriately high opinion of herself.

    5. Captain Holt's noble attempts to have fun and let loose.

    6. The burns...

    7. The life hacks...

    8. The practical advice...

    9. And the wisdom.

    10. Captain Holt's infallible logic.

    11. And his wonderful smile.

    12. Scary Terry.

    13. Exasperated Terry.

    14. The immaculate cold opens.

    This cold open alone is why #Brooklyn99 should be renewed. #RenewB99

    15. The code names.

    16. The scenes in the interrogation room.

    17. Terry's muscles.

    18. Captain Holt's one-liners.

    19. Jake's one-liners.

    20. Jake and Boyle's genuine love for each other.

    21. Adrian Pimento's charming personality.

    22. The gift that is Doug Judy.

    23. Captain Holt's convincing undercover performances.

    24. The most precious and beautiful friendship in the world.

    25. Jake's unapologetic geekiness.

    26. And his willingness to roll with the punches.

    27. The show's timely pop culture references.

    28. Gina's incredible gifts with language.

    29. Everything about Rosa.

    30. And Cheddar.

    In conclusion, we should have listened to our captain.