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Neill Blomkamp's Early Work

Director Neill Blomkamp is not very well known in Hollywood, but that's all about to change very rapidly given the gloriousness that is District 9. Here are six short pieces by the District 9 Director to help you get to know him better.

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  • 1. Alive In Joburg

    Alive In Joburg is the 6-minute, documentary-style short that District 9 was based on.

  • 2. Halo 3: Landfall

    Neill Blomkamp was originally tapped to make a feature-length movie based on the video game Halo. That project was scrapped, but this video splices together his three treatments of the subject.

  • 3. Tempbot

    Another short film about robots becoming integrated with human society, Tempbot addresses the concept of alienation in the workplace.

  • 4. Yellow

    Yellow, about a synthetic human, was created for Adidas as part of a series of shorts in which directors explored their emotional responses to different colors.

  • 5. Citroen: Alive With Technology

    A Citroen ad with a dancing robot car. This is way better than Transformers 2.

  • 6. Tetra Vaal

    More alienated robots. Tetra Vaal is a fake corporate video for a robotics company.

  • 7. District 9 Trailer

    Just in case you need some more convincing to go see this movie.