• 1. Alive In Joburg

    Alive In Joburg is the 6-minute, documentary-style short that District 9 was based on.

  • 2. Halo 3: Landfall

    Neill Blomkamp was originally tapped to make a feature-length movie based on the video game Halo. That project was scrapped, but this video splices together his three treatments of the subject.

  • 3. Tempbot

    Another short film about robots becoming integrated with human society, Tempbot addresses the concept of alienation in the workplace.

  • 4. Yellow

    Yellow, about a synthetic human, was created for Adidas as part of a series of shorts in which directors explored their emotional responses to different colors.

  • 5. Citroen: Alive With Technology

    A Citroen ad with a dancing robot car. This is way better than Transformers 2.

  • 6. Tetra Vaal

    More alienated robots. Tetra Vaal is a fake corporate video for a robotics company.

  • 7. District 9 Trailer

    Just in case you need some more convincing to go see this movie.