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The 28 Most Satisfying Things That Have Ever Happened

Prepare to be satisfied.

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1. The exact moment when this shattered:

2. When this waiter got what he (presumably) deserved:

3. All the pretty phones in a row:

4. The perfect, unexpected marriage of a duster and a chair:

5. The surprising moment when we all simultaneously realized we've always wanted to see someone pick up a watermelon with a plunger:

6. The day when cats and people finally got inter-species high-fiving right:

7. When all the plugs were plugged:

8. Everything that ever happened inside this macaroni factory:

9. And this pencil-sharpening factory:

10. When someone had the idea to burn all the candles at once:

11. And the match that started it all:

12. Every single bounce in this triangle:

13. And this inspiring, perfect machine:

14. When two perfect corgis ran in a perfect circle:

15. The moment this gets filled in and we get to start again:

16. That time when someone decided to give a banana an MRI scan:

17. The shockingly satisfying demise of this barrel:

18. The day when molten nickel first met ice:

19. And any time someone activates this sublime contraption:

20. That time when we all learned how keys work:

21. Any time someone puts together one of these magical tables:

22. Or hits a flaming tennis ball just because it's there:

23. The day when someone dramatically improved bowling:

24. And that time when this guy reinvented going down the stairs:

25. Every single splash along this sequence of splashes:

26. The amazing work that this truck has been doing:

27. The day when mankind struck this powerful blow against candles:

28. And this.

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