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The 20 Most Effective Persuasion Techniques

Learn how to get anything you want from anyone using these simple, effective, and powerful persuasion techniques. These are guaranteed to change your life, especially if you are a seal or a small house cat.

1. The Horizontal Trans-Galoshes Stare

2. The Sideways Tongue Extension

3. The Flip-Flop Hostage

4. The "My Arms Are Too Short For My Body" Technique

5. The Sultry Dashboard Surprise

6. The Door-Stopper Attrition Technique

7. The Armchair Intervention

8. The Keyboard Takeover

9. The Appeal To Conscience

10. The "I Am DEADLY SERIOUS About This"

11. The Baby Coercion

12. The Intervention

13. Outright Bribery

14. The Kissing Booth

15. The Dapper Gentleman

16. The "I Don't Have Opposable Thumbs"

17. The Lonely Valentine

18. The Unconditional Surrender

19. The Lost Tourist

20. The "How Could You Say No To This Face?"