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Microtrend: Dogs Carrying Other Dogs In Baskets

A lot of influencers right now are very interested in the microtrend that is happening of dogs carrying other dogs in baskets. This short trend-analysis piece will give you all the info you need to make a big splash at your next job interview/networking event.

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This microtrend is focused on that thing of where a small dog (pom, poodle, etc.) climbs into a basket (usually wicker), which is picked up and carried around the place by a larger dog (e.g., a husky) via the mouth or mouthal region. (See fig. 1 below.)


Trend analysts do not believe that this particular "interest vortex" is related to that similar thing of when dogs walk around on their hind legs carrying small animal-themed purses. (See fig. 2 below.)

Nor do experts think that this microtrend, or "trendlet," is in any way associated with that thing of how some dogs wander around pushing miniature versions of themselves in strollers (or, for English readers, "prams"). (See fig. 3 below.)

Psychographic analysis, paired with targeted demographic studies, has determined definitively that the dog-dog-basket microtrend (as it has come to be known) is neither a subset nor even a close cousin of last year's cat-cat-shopping cart debacle.

Rather, from what we have been able to determine, this brand-new sociographic vogue is concerned exclusively with variations of the Big dog/Little dog/Little basket + Carrying modalities exemplified in fig.s 5-8 below.

The end.


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