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28 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Can you get through this post without laughing out loud?

1. The alternative spelling:

2. The heavenly bullying:

3. The lover's wait:

4. The gotcha question:

5. The college class:

6. The soccer injury:

7. The friendly stranger:

8. The car pool:

9. The surprise balloons:

10. The perfect selfie:

11. The confession:

12. The Yale Sale:

13. The counting game:

14. The undeniable swag:

15. The hardcore eagles:

16. The grown-ass man:

17. The Pringles prison:

18. The battle of wits:

19. The furry rebel:

20. The mustard explosion:

21. The long line:

22. The off-brand charger:

23. The unamused cat:

24. The good point:

25. The friendly neighbor:

26. The lamp URL convention:

27. The angry doctor:

28. And the happiest chihuahua:

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