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    Kitten Rescued From Car Engine

    Antonio M. Rosario and his wife Elizabeth were at a stop light on the way to the beach when they heard a cat meowing from the engine of a nearby car ... (Full story at Mercedes the Kitten, via Ditmas Park Corner.)

    I look out behind me and out the window and in the adjacent lane is see a Mercedes s550 with its left front turn signal light missing from the housing. In this housing is the little face of a kitten crying.

    After signaling the driver to pull over, Rosario and a gathering crowd attempt to extricate the kitten, who is sitting inside the housing in place of the turn signal lamp, but she disappears into the engine.

    Suddenly, I see a paw protruding from the right front part of the car, near the turn signal housing. It's limp. Elizabeth and I fear the kitten is dead because the engine was so hot. I push at the paw and shove it back inside the housing. The kitten could not come out that way anyway. I could feel it and I poked it a bit and it started crying again.

    At this point, the driver decides the kitten is probably OK and attempts to drive to a mechanic to get her out, but the crowd that has gathered are able to persuade her that starting the car is certain death for the animal.

    We finally got the hood open and I could finally see the kitten had moved a bit more towards the center of the car, between the radiator and the fan. ... That's when she decided to take a left turn and head further into the engine block, out of our sight. CRAP!!!!!

    Eventually they decide to try and entice her out with meat ...

    I shoved my arm under the car and held the meat up to the hole. I could see the kitten and she became interested in the meat. She first poked her head out of the hole. I told everyone to be quiet so we wouldn't scare her back into the engine. Finally she dropped one leg down then another. Finally, she dropped out of the hole and I grabbed her firmly and quick.


    We had a small crowd gathered and I'm holding her against my chest. Everyone's thanking us and we're thanking them, and the driver was relieved and happy. "Are you going to keep her?" a guy asked. What do you think was our answer. We all agreed that she should be named Mercedes. Mercy (Merci) for short.

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