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21 Kids Who Sold Out Their Parents

All the proof you'll ever need that no matter how much you sacrifice for your kids, they'll almost certainly repay you with insults to your intelligence, insults to your person, or extreme public embarrassment.

1. The well-meaning daughter who was asked to write a sentence about her mom's hobbies.

2. The young poet who loves her mom, but not TOO much.

3. The daughter who is not afraid to resort to smear tactics to win a family election.

4. The future criminal mastermind who fooled her parents with a forged note from her kindergarten teacher.

5. Along with her brother-in-arms who brought this note home from the teacher.

6. The young girl who's getting a head start on using half-assed internet research to do her homework.

7. And their compatriot, the creative genius who wrote this sick note.

8. The second-grader who used science to rat out her dad.

9. The little girl who knows the value of sugarcoating bad news.

10. And the 6-year-old who's still perfecting the art.

11. The sweet little girl who likes to greet her mom with a note in the morning.

12. The boy who can't even compliment someone right.

13. The 10-year-old who likes to draw speculative pictures of her mom.

14. The boy who defies his mother's wishes even if it ends up hurting him.

15. The young girl who felt that honesty was more important than tact.

16. And the young man who is not afraid to play favorites.

17. The daughter who is pretty sure Mother's Day is conditional.

18. The 7-year-old who publicly outed her mom's subpar school-lunch preparations.

19. And this young lady who made the same point with a little bit more tact.

20. The boy who refuses to stand for having a deadbeat dad.

21. And this 9-year-old whose art speaks eloquently for every child who has ever had their life ruined by well-meaning parents.

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