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25 Animal GIFs That Will Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart

It's time to let yourself feel joy again. Let these animals help you.

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1. An elephant having the most fun you can possibly have with a ribbon.

2. A stranded dog being rescued from an iceberg.

3. A benevolent cockatoo giving her friend some treats.

4. A marmot vastly improving someone's time-lapse project.

5. A polite otter becoming a member of the Clean Plate Club.

6. The attack of the world's cutest puppies.

7. A baby fox getting his head unstuck from a can.

8. A gentle giant and his best friend.

9. One dog who won't stand for any of this nonsense.

10. An oddly amenable cat playing with a squirrel.

11. The best way for a cat to wake up.

12. A magnificent pug conquering her Everest.

13. An extremely supportive cat giving her bro a fist bump.

14. A majestic puppy roundabout.

15. The greatest rags-to-riches story ever told.

16. One more chapter in the age-old struggle between cats and humidifiers.

17. A classy panda living her best life.

18. Love at first sight.

19. A dutiful cat mom giving some ferrets a bath.

20. A dashing young gentleman who knows exactly what he wants.

21. A baby penguin who is like, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

22. Two huskies helping a baby fit in.

23. A corgi majestically jumping into a lake.

24. A gentle cat making friends with a baby.

25. And the world's best island. Bunny Island.

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