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How Low Can Your Logo

Graphic designers compete to create the most aesthetically traumatizing logos for a fictional company called Excellencico, "a global leader in providing a focused, broad range of services to a world-class, international, region-centric clientele." Here are some highlights. You can submit your own here. (Via.)

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  • From Jesse Andrew Tilley: "I decided to focus on the moment, fun and playfulness of the dog with the typography, you can almost see in chasing across a field to go and fetch its next ball."

  • From Cristopher Michon: "Art school approved, with a business flair."

  • From Jason Grube: "I created a logo that balances tradition and the future with a human touch by combining sans serif, serif and script fonts."

  • From L'Ours: "Double rainbow ! Surely the most amazing symbolic in the world!"

  • From Lucas Hardi: "The 'e' itself rests on a shaft of power, created by Excellencios two core vision values; eBusiness and eExcellence."

  • From Alessandro Di Cristanziano: "Excellencico put up your business!!!"

  • From Jason Jones: "When we roll out this new logo we thought a great action-item for phase 2 would be to add a new tagline too: 'Grow with Us!'"

  • From Felix Macke: "A jumping dolphin in front of a sunny sky and ocean scenery this is the picture we believe in and hope to see most when we get older."

  • From Keith Ogren: "I incorporated all the necessary elements for client approval."

  • From Patrick McPheron: "Its excitement. Its love. Its intense and eye catching. This jpg is perfect for web, print, and video. Thank you."

  • From Brian LaRossa: "To be glaringly honest, if you need me to 'describe' the sacred geometry in this marks avant-garde DNA, or point out the ways in which it captures your puppys soul, then Id rather take my kill fee and be on my way. Good day to you."

  • From Michael Dijamco: "Excellencico. The leadership that we trust!"

  • From Sasha Kraus: "Since this company wanted to stand out of the crowd, typography envelope was pushed to its limits."