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    Sep 22, 2009

    Heart-Shaped Potato Disappointment

    Yesterday on Letterman, a lady gave Obama a heart-shaped potato. Frankly, it sucked. Here are some better heart-shaped foods to help you deal with your disappointment.

    • 1.

      This is the potato that all the hype is about. Really?

    • 2.

      A way better, non-sucky heart-shaped potato.

    • 3.

      A heart-shaped avocado. Classy! (Via.)

    • 4.

      Heart-shaped cucumbers. Plus, star-shaped cucumbers, just because.

    • 5.

      Heart-shaped mushroom (this looks poisonous). (Via.)

    • 6.

      Heart-shaped pepper!

    • 7.

      I know strawberries are traditionally shaped like hearts, but this one is really going the extra mile.

    • 8.

      Heart-shaped tomatoes!

    • 9.

      A little heart-shaped watermelon action. Like you do.

    • 10.

      Let's finish with another disappointment. This was Papa John's embarrassing attempt at a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's Day. It makes me sad.