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28 Of The Greatest Moments In The History Of Parenting

The history of parenting has been a history of setbacks, advances, and a few brief moments of genius. These are some of those moments.

1. April 9, 2013, when the most ambitious parenting idea of all sprang into being.

2. The great Lion King discovery of 2006.

3. The historic day when an enterprising parent figured out how to use the Wi-Fi password to their advantage.

4. And a dad who figured out how to make the most of his baby.

5. The day someone invented the Get Along shirt.

6. And the day when parents figured out how to end gender stereotypes once and for all.

7. The moment when Dad figured out how to text and was immediately great at it.

8. The moment when two brilliant parents took the perfect vacation photo to send to their kids.

9. The moment when this dad figured out how to combine a great punishment with a great T-shirt.

10. And another parent figured out the perfect punishment for oversharing.

11. The day when this genius discovery was made.

12. And this one.

13. And this one.

14. The moment when a mom figured out the best way to get her child to pay attention.

15. And another mom figured out the perfect way to stop her kids from snooping around in her room.

16. The moment when a dad creatively changed his daughter's mind.

17. And the day when Mom came up with the most epic burn of all time.

18. This amazing step forward in parent-photobombing technique.

19. And this one.

20. Every day a loving dad willingly sacrifices himself by attending a One Direction concert with his daughter.

21. And heroic dads fight valiantly with moths and other monsters.

22. The day a proud dad taught his son how to use the Force.

23. Every day that a mom teaches her kid to think outside the box.

24. And the day Elissa beat her daddy in an election fair and square.

25. The epic day when this happened.

26. When Tony Hawk figured out a diplomatic and practical way to stop his kids from fighting.

27. Every day that Neil Patrick Harris and his husband walk the Earth.

28. And every time a parent has ever had the genius idea to give their baby a lemon.