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The 35 Greatest Animal Photobombers Of All Time

The most creative, innovative, and inspiring practitioners in the professional animal photobombing scene.

35. Inconsiderate Horse

Someone needs to tell this horse that he has a face like a horse and he shouldn't go around ruining people's pictures.

34. Halloween Cat

Halloween Cat is all, "What? I dressed up as a goddamn cat, OK? Give me some candy."

33. Idiot Friend Cat

No one else is laughing, Idiot Friend Cat. This photo shoot was for a very serious piece about cats with learning disabilities.

32. The "This Is What You Look Like" Otter

31. Attention Hound

This dog also sits in the front of the class and seems to think he'll have a better chance of getting called on if he raises his paw higher than everyone else.

30. Crasher Penguin

The worst part is that he doesn't even have a beach permit.

29. Probably Overreacting Dog

28. Bodyguard Cat

It still counts as a photobomb even if you are trying to block a bullet.

27. Russian Military Goat

Bonus: There is a ghost in the doorway as well, but it doesn't count as a photobomb if you are "from the other side."

26. The Sexy Kangaroos

I'm actually not sure who's photobombing whom here - kind of depends on whether this is a kangaroo vacation picture or a kangaroo porn shoot. So tough to tell the difference these days.

25. Sad Window Kitten

Why are you so sad, Window Kitten? Hopefully because you keep ruining your mom's photos and you are guilty about it! Ugh.

24. Extremely Interested Cat

Did you know that 95 percent of photobombing accidents could have been avoided if your camera was just A LITTLE BIT LESS FASCINATING?

23. Evil Cat Who Knows Something You Don't Know

22. Censorship Cat

21. The "This Is What You Look Like" Cat

20. Goofy-Ass Photobombing Fish

19. The "Oh, sorry, am I ruining your dramatic MySpace picture?" Cat

18. The "This Story Doesn't End Well" Bear

This story doesn't end well.

17. Overly Self-Serious Cat

This overly self-serious cat just completely ruined what was going to be a perfectly good picture of some dude in a blue shirt.

16. Dog Who Clearly Doesn't Understand The Concept Of Staring Off Wistfully Into The Middle Distance

15. The "This Is What You Look Like" Hippo

14. The Levitating Cat

Incorporating levitation is extremely advanced photobombing. Do not try this without practice.

13. Censorship Fish

It is well known that fish are ridiculous prudes about PDA.

12. Duomo Pigeon

Duomo Pigeon really doesn't want you to find Waldo.

11. Stalker Cat

This is from a scene in a doggie horror film where they develop their vacation pictures and realize they were being watched the whole time.

10. The "Look, I'm Your Face!" Fish

Kind of running out of clever names for these things.

9. Surprised Walrus

"Me? You want to take a picture of little old me?" No, you dumb walrus. Get out of the shot, dude.

8. Wedding Llama

Many happy nuptials have been ruined by malicious wedding llamas. They're a blight on society.

7. Scandalized Cat

Oh, come on dude. It's not like they're hurting anyone.

6. Seal Who Thinks He's A Penguin But Who Is Not Fooling ANYBODY

5. The Sinister Plotting Dog

4. The Sinister Plotting Cat

3. Crasher Seal

Your penguin party isn't even really a party unless Crasher Seal shows up. He is like the Bill Murray of Antarctica.

2. The Photobombing Sloth

Sloths are so hot right now - some might even call it cynical that they've started photobombing people, but I just see it as taking advantage of an important cultural moment to advance their image.

1. Crasher Squirrel

The first, and the greatest. Crasher squirrel invented the idea of animal photobombing. He is a trailblazer and a legend.

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