30 Short Videos That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Or around 30 seconds. We’re writers, not mathematicians.

Are you ready to laugh? Let’s do this!

1. The climber who overcame adversity:

2. What is going on in Lego Town?

3. The mugshot that makes the most heinous crime hilarious:

4. The birth of a supervillain:

5. 25 years of laser technology led to this moment:

6. The turtle with great taste in shoes:

7. The most callous replacement news anchor ever:

8. How British people get upset:

9. The most easily frightened spouse:

10. The impeccably timed cutaway:

11. “Man down”:

12. The aspiring scholar:

13. The song that Taylor Swift should have made:

14. That dream we’ve all had:

15. The little goat who gives it her all:

16. An unfortunate series of events:

17. The most beautiful thing:

18. The reporter who will do anything for a story:

19. The new and improved Jurassic Park theme:

20. The birth of a legend:

21. The unconvincing recovery:

22. A device with nearly limitless applications:

23. The woman who’s too fun to scare:

24. Great advice from our robot friends:

25. The one thing we fear the most:

26. The best start ever to a boat show:

27. The benefits of FBI training:

28. Chris Bosh’s heroic battle with confetti:

29. The girl who was tempted by the dark side:

30. And, of course, the infamous Self Potato:

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