One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other …

Answers below the pictures. See if you can get them all!

Answer: The cat in the middle looks like a pig.

Answer: One of the penguins is walking away because he was not invited to the penguin party.

Answer: One of the puppies is awake.

Answer: Trick question! These pugs are all the same.

Answer: The grey puppy is only pretending to be asleep.

Answer: The central puppy is in the midst of an existential crisis; none of the other puppies have a particularly philosophical frame of mind.

Answer: Trick question! No one collects beanie babies anymore.

Answer: The kitten on the left just won the lottery.

Answer: Trick question! The standing meerkat is clearly a Photoshop job. Meerkats are too lazy to stand.

Answer: The smaller owl is only pretending to be sad and confused. She is actually a very together owl most of the time.

Answer: One of these dogs is a teddy bear.

Answer: The one on the right is actually a penguin pretending to be a rabbit.

Answer: The owl at the top of the picture did not go out drinking last night.

Answer: One of these cats wearing bunny ears doesn’t think this whole thing is as funny as the others do.

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