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Send These Perfect Father's Day Cards To A Dad Who Loves Animals

For a mere $5, you can have one of these cards sent to your pet-loving dad. It's troublingly easy!

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Your dad may love the dog more than he loves you, but maybe that will change when you send him a thoughtful card for Father’s Day. For $5 you can pick one of these actually funny cards and we’ll mail it to him for you with a personalized message written by a dope handwriting robot (!).

P.S. BuzzFeed gets a cut if you send one of these cards!

Here's one for a dad who loves you with all the love he has left over from loving the cat.

Shayna Brewer / Via BuzzFeed

Here's one for the coolest dad in the dog park.

William Smith / Via BuzzFeed

Here's one to gently help remind your dog-loving dad that you exist as well.

Shayna Brewer / Via BuzzFeed

And here's a chicken-themed card for a dad who has a black belt in dad jokes.

Shayna Brewer / Via BuzzFeed
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