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24 Pictures That Will Make You Not Want To Live On This Planet Anymore

Honestly, the only thing Earth has to recommend itself sometimes is its "breathable atmosphere," and even that's starting to wear thin.

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1. The fact that the most recent Shakespeare reboots aren't quite as good as the originals.

2. The infinitely troubling knowledge that literally ne1 can b a txt-pert.

3. The news, generally.

4. The fact that Santa is just not what he used to be.

5. Possibly because he was tired of everyone being so ungrateful all the time.

6. The unavoidable fact that we live in a world where Justin Bieber makes his minions carry him up the Great Wall of China.

7. The increasingly complicated ethics of food consumption.

8. And the increasingly disturbing state of music criticism.

Getty Images / Andrew H. Walker / Michael Linssen

9. The fact that someone who went to all the trouble of getting a medical degree is going to have to take time answering this question.

10. The worrying thought that we're not taking Driver's Ed as seriously as we could be.

11. Or possibly just not teaching it at all anymore.

12. The fact that no one knows much about 19th century American History anymore.

13. Or 20th Century American history.

14. Or, in fact, anything at all.

15. The fact that romance is more-or-less officially over.

16. And that it's honestly probably best if we just stop trying.

17. The strong sense that we are somehow getting meaner while we get stupider.

18. The sad truth that there just isn't much good work out there for freelance photographers anymore.

19. The fact that it's 2016 and we're all still barefoot.

20. The unsolved medical mystery that is the ice-cube situation.

21. The sorry state of grammar in 2016.

22. The sorry state of basic life skills in 2016.

23. And the sorry, sorry, sorry state of Snapflirting in 2016.

24. And to top it all off, thanks to a strange, unfortunate fluke, literally everyone is going to need a birthday present this year.

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