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Feb 4, 2013

26 Essential Cats For Every Occasion

Bookmark this and come back to it when these things happen to you. These cats feel your pain, man. (h/t to Summer and the master of cat GIFs, Josh.)

1. For when you wake up in a panic that you're late for work and then realize it's Saturday.

2. For when you wake up in a panic that you're late for work, and you are.

3. For when it's Monday.

4. For when you're all dressed up but your plans got cancelled.


6. For when somebody wants to be congratulated just for doing their job.

7. For when you need someone to actually do their damn job for once.

8. For when you need to say to someone, "Oh do go on. You INTRIGUE me."

9. For when you walked in on a conversation that you wish you hadn't.

10. For when you tell a great joke and no one gets it.

11. For when you need to play it off like you totally meant to do that...

12. ..."Yep, that was exactly how I planned it."

13. For when you need to get out of an extremely awkward situation.

14. For when you learned something that BLEW YOUR MIND.

15. For when you are sick of everyone coupling up and being all TMI in public.

16. For when the meeting JUST WON'T END.

17. For when someone ANGERS YOU.

18. ...And they are about to learn what happens when they get on your bad side.

19. For when someone is intruding when they are NOT WANTED.

20. For when you are calm, majestic, and in control.

21. ...And for when you are not those things.

22. For when things did not go the way you expected.

23. And for when everything went better than expected.

24. For when someone is being inappropriate.

25. For when your friends want to go out on Friday night but you just want to stay in.

26. And finally, for when you just climbed out of a boot.

I don't know sometimes a top-notch cat gif is just a top-notch cat gif.

The end.

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