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Elyse Porterfield: "Dry Erase Girl"

Elyse Porterfield, ladies and gentlemen. The "HOPA" who suckered the entire Internet yesterday with her sexy but implausible but sexy dry erase board resignation. Elyse Porterfield is an aspiring actress from Colorado who has recently moved to Los Angeles to give this being famous thing a go. [UPDATE: CBS News has an exclusive video interview. Check it out!]

She started it all off pretty impressively by responding to a Craigslist post to star in The Chive's improbably popular fake-meme stunt yesterday.

In addition to appearing in Reddit and Digg's coveted top spots, she was on pretty much every other website yesterday, and we can probably expect to be seeing more of her in the future.

Well played, Elyse Porterfield, and good luck in LA.

Elyse Porterfield pictures: