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Eli Manning Has The Most Incredible New Nickname

The most wonderful closed-caption error in history has given Eli Manning a perfect new nickname.

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During the broadcast of the Giants game on Sunday, the supremely gifted poet who does closed captioning for Fox outdid themselves with the following masterpiece:

In that brief but magical moment Eli Man died and Penguin Boy was born in a flash of light and sound.

Will Varner / BuzzFeed

It is so far unknown what Penguin Boy's superpowers are, but some think they may involve a propeller hat.

[dons propeller hat] “MAN PENGUIN BOY! AWAAYY!” [is eaten by whale]

It is also thus far unknown whether Penguin Boy intends to continue using his powers for evil...

...or whether he will find redemption and finally become the hero that Gotham deserves.

Jack Shepherd / Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

For now, all we do know is that Eli Man has maybe just this one time in his life made a good decision:

To become, now and forevermore...PENGUIN BOY.

Will Varner / Rob Carr / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @lukeoneil47

To be cont'd...

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