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22 Times Elf On The Shelf Went Way Too Far

He's watching you.

1. The time he decided to make Christmas cocktails for everyone.

2. And the time he made boozy stocking stuffers for the family.

3. And continued helping out by baking cookies.

4. Lots of cookies.

5. The time you learned his recipe for marshmallows.

6. In fact...pretty much every time he said he was "cooking."

7. And every time he got high on his own supply.

8. The time he spent his entire allowance in one night...

9. ...that ended in a suspicious string of gingerbread arsons.

10. The time when he got on the wrong side of the wrong people.

11. ...and the wrong dogs.

12. The time he got a little bit too close to your family...

13. ...and slowly began to replace you.

14. The time he corrupted your little sister.

15. The time he took advantage of you when you had a little too much eggnog.

16. ...and went WAY too far with the joke.

17. The time he decided to "play a game"...

18. In fact...EVERY time he decided to "play a game."

19. The time he turned you off wine for an entire week.

20. The time he went to a mixer and had too much to drink.

21. The time we would all prefer to forget.

22. And the time we had, probably for the best, to say goodbye.

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