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The 50 Cutest Things That Happened This Year

Cute historians are already saying that 2013 is one of the cutest years on record.

1. A Japanese boy and his French bulldog found that they were indispensable to one another.

2. A fat rabbit adopted some baby pigs.

Richard Austin / Rex

3. A grumpy old capybara dad waited patiently at the door to say something like, "Where have you been all night, young lady?"

Melanie Typaldos / Via

4. Baby and Frenchie diplomacy reached heights that would have been almost unthinkable in 2012.

Cindy Clark / Via
Cindy Clark / Via
Cindy Clark / Via
Cindy Clark / Via
Cindy Clark / Via

5. A Shih Tzu rescued a stray kitten and nursed her back to health.

6. A defiant puppy refused to let "the man" teach him how to catch.

7. And a chow puppy bravely confronted a bowl and lost.

8. Regina, the world's largest hedgehog, won awards, broke hearts, and basically saved the world.

9. A LITERAL fox and hound became best friends.

Torgeir Berge / Via Facebook: torgeir.berge.16
Torgeir Berge / Via Facebook: torgeir.berge.16
Torgeir Berge / Via Facebook: torgeir.berge.16
Torgeir Berge / Via Facebook: torgeir.berge.16
Torgeir Berge / Via Facebook: torgeir.berge.16

10. A lone corgi twerked...and the world twerked with her.

View this video on YouTube

11. Meanwhile, the world's luckiest face had a visit from a baby otter.

REX USA/Richard Austin

12. A panda mom discovered that she was delighted with her baby.

Tami Chappell / Reuters

13. One of the most influential napping partnerships in the history of the world was formed.

14. A dog and an elephant set out to prove that "species" is just a classification, not a recommendation about who to make friends with.

Splash News
Splash News

15. An extremely serious-minded squirrel dramatically pushed a baby carriage with a teddy bear in it through the snow.

Nancy Rose/Bournemouth News / Rex / Rex USA

16. Bunnies everywhere were publicly shamed.

17. But there was no one in the world more ashamed than this golden retriever.

18. A dog from the future came to visit today's dogs and everyone was a little bit surprised and worried about the whole thing.

19. A world-beating genius had the idea to put a bunch of panda babies into a crib.

China Daily / Reuters

20. And someone presumably from the same Genius Factory had the idea to put a bunch of baby sloths in a bucket.

21. A TERRIFYING lion cub played in the leaves ...

AP Photo/PA, Andrew Milligan

...and scared them right back into the trees where they belong.

AP Photo/PA, Andrew Milligan

22. Astoundingly, that wasn't even the best thing that happened to leaves this year. This Siberian husky was the best thing that happened to leaves this year.

View this video on YouTube

23. A sensitive pug was deeply, deeply offended.

24. And a wistful dog bride pined for her absent spouse.

25. Lots of puppies had hiccups, but particularly these puppies had these hiccups.

View this video on YouTube

26. A bird took up the hobby of sitting on spoons...

...and promptly gave it up.

27. One talented Frenchie mastered the art of sleeping in sinks.

28. A bedtime pioneer came up with a perfect nighttime routine.

29. And the simple act of rubbing a pig's belly produced the most historically important pig noises ever made.

View this video on YouTube

30. A bunny rabbit had the world's most adorable existential crisis.

31. A deer came to visit with a cat and the cat was surprisingly cool about it.

32. All of the golden retrievers who had been saying, "We should get together some time" for years finally actually did it.

Gordan Richardson / Via Flickr: guisachangathering2013

33. Years of practice at synchronized falling off of a table finally paid off.

34. A corgi brought joy to an elderly man she just met.

35. And a senior cat citizen won an important moral battle.

36. A dog and his soldier dad shared an important moment.


37. And three dogs had three different reactions to bathtime.

38. Someone said, "Roll out!" to a corgi and he took it literally.

39. A boy and his new kitten fell asleep in a car seat while the world's saddest backpack looked on.

40. Six Scotties formed a perfect pinwheel.

View this video on YouTube / Via

41. Quokkas became the "it" animal in 2013 thanks to their enthusiasm and their winning smiles.

Toby Costanzo / Via

42. Two huskies who weren't sure if they would be friends at first discovered that they had an awful lot in common.

43. And a boy and his dog staged a moving protest when fate attempted to separate them.

44. (Shhhhhhhhhhhh.)

45. Finally, a young man read to his cat...

46. ...a chow chow and his stuffed lion discovered that they were twins...

47. ...Harlow and Sage became the world's funniest best friends...

48. ...CC the sloth got her makeup done before her appearance on the Today show...

Lucy Cooke /

CC and her person have an adorable book out now. You can learn more over at

49. ...a baby otter had an inspiring drink of milk...

View this video on YouTube

50. ...and a proprietorial cat wept because there were no more worlds to conquer.

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