The 25 Most Adorable Stuffed Animals On The Entire Internet

    You weren't necessarily planning on buying any soft toys when you came across these good boys and girls, but here you are.

    1. This pure round boy.

    2. This very serious Porg.

    3. This cheeky old littlehead.

    4. This wise and venerable littlehead.

    5. These grumps.

    6. Mr. Bob Ross himself.

    7. This very soft panda bear.

    8. This lazy old egg.

    9. This very small prim and proper hamster.

    10. This sloth who is politely raising his hand to ask a question.

    11. This good hedgie.

    12. This mini elephant seal.

    13. This giant cuddly isopod.

    14. This alpaca with a cape.

    15. This smug cat with a bell.

    16. This cuddly baguette.

    17. Tiny, 5-inch Boo in a unicorn outfit.

    18. This teddy bear with extra-long legs.

    19. This sleeping sheeb.

    20. This lil' Pip.

    21. This fluffy giant sloth.

    22. This bouquet of elegant kittens.

    23. These deluxe corgi bottoms.

    24. This smiling half avocado.

    25. The One To Rule Them All.