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    The 25 Most Adorable Stuffed Animals On The Entire Internet

    You weren't necessarily planning on buying any soft toys when you came across these good boys and girls, but here you are.

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    1. This pure round boy.

    Reason you need him: He is so good and pure and round, and he is doing his very best.

    Promising review: "The light of my life. My life was directionless, meaningless like the ashes of a forgotten loved one tossed carelessly to the wind... then I purchased...HIM. I now awaken every morning with a deep swelling pride emanating from my very bones as I am invigorated by the aurora of raw strength and courage that surrounds and protects my new son. I would die for him just as I know he would make others die for me." – Nathan

    Price: $16.97

    2. This very serious Porg.

    Reason you need him: He will be the most loyal friend you've ever had.

    Promising review: "I love him. He a porg. He good." – Kevin

    Price: $21.49

    3. This cheeky old littlehead.

    Reason you need her: Big body, small head.

    Promising review: "18 inches of pure, beautiful, bouncy, sturdy muscle. pip is the woman of everyones dreams. i will never leave her. she is versatile, stylish, and currently going through her goth skater phase. as soon as she entered the house i was cured of all ailments and hardships. she is going to be the last thing i see before i die. in fact she may even be the one to kill me. and i am thankful for this. Buy This Beautiful Woman. Goodnight." – Nette

    Price: $31.49

    4. This wise and venerable littlehead.

    Reason you need him: To understand and protect you.

    Promising review: "Big and snuggly, I love him!" – Amazon Customer

    Price: $31.49

    5. These grumps.

    Reason you need them: To be honest, you don't really need them, but they need you, and no one else can help them.


    Price: $16.99

    6. Mr. Bob Ross himself.

    Reason you need him: Bob Ross is the only hope we ever had and we should have listened to him when we had the chance.

    Promising review: "What's not to like? It's Bob Ross!" – Dan

    Price: $9.29

    7. This very soft panda bear.

    Reason you need him: He will cure you and make you whole again.

    Promising review: "Adorable and well-made, Ping has become a well-loved member of our household. While he does have some trouble getting along with the other pandas and staying out of mischief, overall, he is well-behaved. I would recommend this adoption agency if you are looking for another panda-child to love." – K.D.

    Price: $11.01

    8. This lazy old egg.

    Reason you need him: So small and cute and lazy.

    Promising review: "He defends my home." – Andrew

    Price: $8.81

    9. This very small prim and proper hamster.

    Reason you need her: She will listen to you and never judge.

    Promising review: "Good quality big plush. Color is a soft pink. Everyone that sees it wants to take it away." – Margarita

    Price: $17.88

    10. This sloth who is politely raising his hand to ask a question.

    Reason you need him: With infinite kindness, he will ask the questions you are afraid to ask.

    Promising review: "This sloth is huge! It's so cuddly and soft, I love it.

    I gave it to my gf's 15 month old and he loves it. It's his buddy now." – R.

    Price: $13.99

    11. This good hedgie.

    Reason you need her: Sits in your cupped hands and listens to your troubles.

    Promising review: "Five stars. Cuddly fur ball, squishy and cute." – Gayla

    Price: $17.99

    12. This mini elephant seal.

    Reason you need him: His smile lights up the room.

    Promising review: "A perfect companion for any aspiring marine biologist!" – Petey

    Price: $15.99

    13. This giant cuddly isopod.

    Reason you need him: A home with a giant isopod skittering around and being chitinous in it is a happy home. Not to mention that soft, cuddly exoskeleton.

    Promising review: "Pros: Creepy, surprisingly comfortable to hold, moreso than a squirmy toddler or newborn. Perfect replacement for the former.

    Cons: Doesn't grow, need to be careful with its' antennae, may creep out some people. Also works as reverse dream catcher.

    Abnormal beta waves in brain may be affected with the cuddling of this plush. Not suitable for nephews. Nieces OK." – Incon

    Price: $68.19

    14. This alpaca with a cape.

    Reason you need him: Alpaca. With. A. Cape.

    Promising review: "It's an alpaca with a cape, how could this not get 5 stars?" – Dan

    Price: $9.95

    15. This smug cat with a bell.

    Reason you need her: She will watch over you and make sure you stay out of trouble.

    Promising review: "An awesome handful of total cuteness!!!" – Sandra

    Price: $18.88

    16. This cuddly baguette.

    Reason you need him: It's literally a bread pillow that you can hug and squeeze and love. Let me just quote from the product description here: "High simulation bread pillow plush cushion, innovative design.It is a surprise gift for you and your lovely pet."

    Promising review: "Finally you can fulfill your lifelong dream of falling asleep on a giant pillow made of bread! It's got a fluffy exterior, and plastic beans on the inside. It's a pretty good pillow...just don't try to eat it. I got the version that's 33 inches. It's massive. And wonderful." – Random Reviewer

    Price: $32.98

    17. Tiny, 5-inch Boo in a unicorn outfit.

    Reason you need him: He is so very small.

    Promising review: "Tiny adorable toy. My granddaughter puts it in her purse with the head sticking out. She is allergic to most animals so this is her tag along pet." – J.

    Price: $12

    18. This teddy bear with extra-long legs.

    Reason you need him: His legs start where your legs start, but they don't end where yours end.

    Promising review:

    Price: $114.99.

    19. This sleeping sheeb.


    Reason you need him: Shhhhhh! He's sleeping!

    Promising review: "What a good boy! He’s definitely a soft, squishy boi! Feels just like the Japanese marshmallow/squishy plushies. His size is adequate, and he’s definitely cuddlable!" – Amiruhn

    Price: $17.99

    20. This lil' Pip.

    Reason you need him: He will make literally all of your troubles fade into a distant dream.

    Promising review: "Its Pip and he’s adorable. You need him to complete the pusheen family so get him." – CaptCrunch

    Price: $18.60

    21. This fluffy giant sloth.

    Reason you need him: Say goodbye to all your lovers because you will literally have no desire to cuddle anyone else after receiving a cuddle from this fluffy giant sloth.

    Promising review: "Feels like a giant soft pillow and the fur is really soft." – Gozeraye

    Price: $38.99

    22. This bouquet of elegant kittens.

    Reason you need them: "Kitten plush bouquet" in French is "Bouquet de chatons en peluche," and you can whisper that to yourself as you hug them one by one. Each individual chaton en peluche knows a secret that will make you smile.

    Price: $39.99

    23. These deluxe corgi bottoms.

    Reason you need him: Best part of the corgi!

    Promising review: "The only butt I need. This was an amazing gift for my girlfriend. It is soft, fluffy and thicc. Corgi at its best." – Aelisa

    Price: $15.85

    24. This smiling half avocado.

    Reason you need him: Where's his other half? You're his other half.

    Promising review: "SO SQUISHY!!!!!" – FSL

    Price: $43.99

    25. The One To Rule Them All.

    Reason you need him: You just bought over 50 full-sized stuffies! Plus, his name is "Stuffems."

    Promising review: "IT'S HUGE!!!" – Kathy

    Price: $49.99

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