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The 11 Cutest Proposals In Internet History

Anyone in the mood to get sappy? Let's get sappy with some delightful proposal buzz. Try not to cry!

1. The Elaborate Umbrella Bridge Proposal

2. The Kitten Accomplice Proposal


"My sister-in-law got engaged last night. This little man helped her fiancé propose. The kitten's name is Luke, and he's a new addition to the family!"

3. The Companion Cube Proposal (Nerds Only!)

Via Twitter: @gustonyc

Cake will be served afterward...

4. The Carefully Orchestrated Splash Mountain Proposal


"Lindsay is the girl in the front and she did say yes, I would know because I was holding up one of the signs! The guy right behind her is her fiance, Chris. I carried a backpack around all day with the signs folded up in the laptop sleeve along with snacks and jackets so she wouldnt suspect anything. The 5 of us behind her practiced holding the signs the day before so they wouldnt block each other from view.

As soon as we were far enough on the ride, I passed out the signs (which were numbered so we had them in the right order) one by one and we hid them until we started going up the hill to the drop. as soon as we hit the peak, we all pulled out the signs and held them up until the pic was taken, then immediately passed them to the back of the log where I re-hid them in my backpack. She didnt see what happened until they posted the pic on the screen at the end of the ride!

The actual ring was hidden in the backpack as well to keep it safe. As soon as we got off the ride he gave her the ring and we purchased the pics! We actually planned the whole thing and practiced so that it would be a complete surprise to her and pulled it off with a great picture to remember it by and a funny story to tell!"

5. The ADORABLE Canadian Traffic Controller Proposal

This one is guaranteed to make you cry. "Everybody is jumping up and down and she said yes I can hear her all the way back here."

6. The Mario Bros. Proposal

7. The Accidentally Captured Sunrise Proposal


After this intended-to-be-private moment was accidentally captured on camera by a tourist, the couple were eventually found by the Sydney Morning Herald.

8. The Perfectly Executed Graffiti Proposal

View this video on YouTube

9. The Surprise Photo Booth Proposal

10. The Over-the-Top "Make-Your-Own-Custom-Preview-to-a-Movie" Proposal

View this video on YouTube

11. And the Classic

Bonus! This Amaaaaaazing Lip Dub Proposal

View this video on YouTube

Brilliantly pointed out by Arielle.

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