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The 11 Cutest Proposals In Internet History

Anyone in the mood to get sappy? Let's get sappy with some delightful proposal buzz. Try not to cry!

1. The Elaborate Umbrella Bridge Proposal

2. The Kitten Accomplice Proposal

3. The Companion Cube Proposal (Nerds Only!)

4. The Carefully Orchestrated Splash Mountain Proposal

5. The ADORABLE Canadian Traffic Controller Proposal

This one is guaranteed to make you cry. "Everybody is jumping up and down and she said yes I can hear her all the way back here."

6. The Mario Bros. Proposal

7. The Accidentally Captured Sunrise Proposal

8. The Perfectly Executed Graffiti Proposal

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9. The Surprise Photo Booth Proposal

10. The Over-the-Top "Make-Your-Own-Custom-Preview-to-a-Movie" Proposal

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11. And the Classic

Bonus! This Amaaaaaazing Lip Dub Proposal

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Brilliantly pointed out by Arielle.