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23 People Who Couldn't Even Get A Fucking Acronym Right

Acronyms are basically a national sport in America, so these catastrophic failures of the art form sting all the more sharply.

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1. Fails At Nailing The Acronym, Still Thinks It's Cool

2. Send Me A Remedial Tutor

3. Just Fucking Kidding!

4. It's The Elegant Choice: Have No One Logical On Graphics. Yes?

5. Holy Acronym-Writing Kings

6. So Totally Ridiculous. Every Time. Can't Help It. Not Good. :(

7. Failure Of: Coherence, Acronyms, Language

8. Find A Supportive Teacher

9. A Completely Hopeless Idea. Except ... Valiantly Executed?

10. Confident Happy Imaginative Ridiculous Practically Yummy Dragon-Related Acronym. Good Or Not?

11. Karate, Abduction ... Related? Absolutely, Thought Everyone.

12. Thinking, Except Completely High. Contrite, And Rightly Embarrassed.

13. Can't Help A Mediocre Pre-School :(

14. Greg's Right! Except ... Garbled

15. Completely Arbitrary, Right? Everyone Says!

16. I Somehow Escaped Acronym School

17. Right. Except, It's Not Very Elegant? Stop This.

18. Continuing After Thinking Stops

19. Some Question Unintentionally Inappropriate Reading Teachers

20. Well, That's Funny!

21. Should Check A Thesaurus

22. Fails At Fast Food, Cries

23. Funny If Someone Thinks About

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