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Chilean Miner Jokes

You're probably going to need some Chilean miner jokes if you want to participate in office banter today. We had to really dig for these.

  • 1. Did you hear about the Chilean miner who got fired?

    His boss thought he was the pits. (Via Scott.)

  • 2. What do you get when you throw a piano down a Chilean mine?

    A flat minor.

  • 3. The Chilean miners were great ...

    ...but I liked them better when they were underground.

  • 4. I wouldn't want to be a Chilean miner ...

    ...It's such a boring job. (Via Tanner.)

  • 5. Why did the Chilean miner stay in Chile, instead of moving to the Pacific Northwest?

    He didn't like the idea of a place called Ore-gone. (Via Tanner.)

  • 6. How do you confuse a Chilean miner?

    Show him two shovels and ask him to take his pick.

  • 7. Miner Disappointment