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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Saying "Awww"?

If you "awww" EVEN ONCE, you lose. Are you up to this challenge? It will not be easy, but it's important. OK, ready?

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1. You must read the whole post.

2. If at any point you squeal with delight, you lose the game. This includes saying "Squee" or "Aww," or sighing heavily.

3. Your ovaries may not at any point explode, metaphorically or literally. (If the latter, seek IMMEDIATE medical help).

OK, let's do this thing!


1. OK, first off watch this quick video about tough love. This should be pretty easy to get through without saying "Awwww," because while the animals in it are very cute indeed, they are also judging you, which counteracts the effect somewhat.

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We interrupt this video program to bring you a parliament of owls who think a stuffed animal is their mom.


OK, quiz time. PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO GET THIS WRONG. Which kind of animal looks best in a box?


Answer: E

If you answered E, give yourself an extra point. All of the other animals in boxes were trying too hard.

OK, let's pause for a QUICK cat nap, and then back to work.


I hope you are rested up now, because it's time for ...


The rules of the lightning round are very simple.

1. You will be shown a series of pictures depicting everyday occurrences.

2. Look at each picture in succession and describe to yourself what it depicts.

3. Check your own answer against the answer in the caption below.

4. DO NOT SAY "Awwww."

OK, ready?

16. OK, now watch this very short video and listen VERY CAREFULLY for the noise that the small penguin makes.

23. Listen carefully to the amazing sounds of the sloth at her bathtime.

OK, we are almost done here, but first it's time for a quick Boop Break.*

*A Boop Break is a short period of time during which you break for boops. You'll get the hang of it.

Now we're ready for the FINAL section.

If you haven't said "Awww" or any of the standard "Awww"-equivalents like "Squee" or "Eeeeeek!" yet and you manage to stay unaffected through to the end, then you win. OK, deep breath, because it's time for the Animals with Stuffed Animals round. The rules are simple:

1. Look at the animal with the stuffed animal.

2. Don't say "Awww."

OK, ready?

40. OK, we're done! You made it! Now just watch this quick video of a mother cat helping her kittens on a slide and let us know how you did in the comments. Phew!

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