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26 Of The Best Ideas Ever

There are good ideas, and there are stupid ideas, but I'm primarily interested in the cross section. Ideas that are stupid good. Here are 26 of them.

1. Pizza In A Cone

2. The Dish-Draining Closet

3. The Cat-Tunnel Sofa

4. The Trip Rule

5. The World's Most Elegant Office Prank

6. The Modular Cutting Board

7. The Most Amazing Halloween Costume Ever

8. The Catnip Tombstone

9. The Broom-Cleaning Dustpan

10. The World's Cleverest Desktop Wallpaper Idea

11. The World's Second-Cleverest Desktop Wallpaper Idea

12. Resigning By Cake

13. The Zombie Treadmill Defense Concept

14. Turning A Toaster Sideways To Get Grilled Cheese

15. The Arm Sleeper's Pillow

16. Pen-Cap Cutlery For Eating At Your Desk

17. The Built-In Wall Extension Cord

18. The Time Traveler Prank

19. Christina Aguilera Dishwasher Magnets

20. Staircase Drawers

21. The, Um, "Cozy Night In" Wine Glass

22. Soft Pebbles

23. The Cop Party

24. The Invisible Treehouse Hotel

25. Subtly Altering Someone's Facebook Photos

26. And, Of Course, The Hood Thong