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35 Animals Who Are Kind Of Worried About You

Just to be clear, they are not judging you - they just want to make sure you're doing what's in your own best interests.

1. This Kitten In A Basket

This kitten in a basket is worried that you're not getting enough sleep lately.

2. This Chipmunk In The Middle Of A Meal

This chipmunk in the middle of a meal just found out how many carbs you ate today.

3. This Dog With Kitten Friends

The kitten friends couldn't care less about what's going on with you, but this dog is worried that you may have left the stove on.

4. This Disheveled Cat

This disheveled cat knows exactly what time you got home last night.

5. The Dog On The Right Of This Picture

The dog on the left of this picture just told the dog on the right of this picture that you have a secret crush on someone at work.

6. This Cheetah Cub

This cheetah cub is concerned that you're not getting enough sun.

7. This Hawk

This hawk thinks you've been acting kind of funny lately.

8. This Tarsier

This tarsier is like, "I mean, you should do whatever you think is best, but are you sure it's the right idea to buy a new outfit when you could be saving that money for a rainy day?"

9. This Anxious Cat

The main reason this cat is anxious is that she really, really, really wants you to get that promotion.

10. This Spider Monkey

Here's a spider monkey who knows what you're planning to do about that thing.

11. This Overreacting Cat

This cat may be overreacting, but you might want to let him know you that you're not really planning on taking a random sick day tomorrow for no good reason.

12. This Other Chipmunk In The Middle Of A Meal

This other chipmunk in the middle of a meal just saw your credit card bill from last month.

13. The Rabbit And The Hamster In This Picture

The rabbit and the hamster in this picture aren't sure that it's such a great idea for you to put that project off until next week. The kitten in this picture thinks it's not that big of a deal. The puppy is asleep.

14. This Rabbit


15. This Tarsier

This tarsier is concerned about the fact that he can see forever when he looks into your eyes. This tarsier is also tripping pretty hard right now, so you shouldn't sweat it too much.

16. This Springer Spaniel And His Best Friend, The Owl

This springer spaniel and his best friend, the owl, are extremely concerned about your dating life. "Not that it's really any of our business," they are quick to add, "but still."

17. This Disheveled Bald Eagle

This disheveled bald eagle is becoming more and more worried that you're letting this whole "ironic" interest in boy-band music get out of hand.

18. This Rabbit

Here's a rabbit who's distressed about the fact that people at work don't "get" your sense of humor.

19. This Koala


20. This Prairie Dog

This prairie dog is genuinely concerned about your penchant for self-destructive behavior, but secretly thinks the situations you get yourself into are kind of amusing.

21. This Cat Who Is Friends With A Parrot Riding A Bicycle

This cat can't even concentrate on the parrot riding a bicycle because she is so concerned about how much you've been drinking lately.

22. This Bird And Hamster Who Are Presumably Married

These guys just want what's best for you, but they both think you are spending way too much time on the face book.

23. This Raccoon Who Chills Out With Cats

This raccoon just took a quick break from chilling out with these cats to try and remember when the last time was that you went to the gym.

24. This Owl

This owl is worried that you don't take yourself as seriously as you should.

25. This Kangaroo

This kangaroo is too timid to say anything about it, but she's worried that you're not as enthusiastic about your job as you were when you started.

26. This Panda

This panda is convinced that you are selling yourself short!

27. The Dog On The Left Of This Picture

The dog on the right of this picture just told the dog on the left of this picture how much television you watch every day.

28. This Overweight Meerkat

This overweight meerkat thinks you may be running with the wrong crowd.

29. This Slow Loris

Oh, and here's a slow loris who's been wondering whether you have enough iron in your diet.

30. This Hedgehog

This hedgehog is worried that you're not reading enough great literature.

31. This Cat On A Road Trip

Someone just told this cat on a road trip that you've been thinking about getting back together with your ex.

32. This Dog With A Cat Best Friend

This dog with a cat best friend just wants you to promise that everything's OK.

33. This Cat

This cat just found seven separate typos in that email you're about to send.

34. Boo, The Pomeranian

Boo is wondering why you said you were going to learn a new language if you weren't even planning to look up classes in your area.

35. This Unbelievably Fat Cat

Actually, this unbelievably fat cat just has indigestion. She thinks you can probably take care of yourself without other people trying to run your life for you.