25 Animals Who Are Genuinely Interested In What You Have To Say

Don’t stop now. These animals are hanging on your every word.

1. These Cats
These cats both want to hear a ton more about how crappy your day was.

2. This Computer-Literate Cat
Most people find your IMs funny and charmingly irreverent, but they are literally changing this computer-literate cat’s entire worldview. Keep ‘em coming!

3. This Cat
“Don’t stop with summarizing the first season of Lost. I want to hear your summaries for all the seasons of Lost!”
-This cat

4. This Mongoose Lemur And Her Baby
This mongoose lemur is all, “Don’t get me wrong - I love hearing all about your senior thesis topic - but is there any way you could just read me the whole thing? I don’t want to miss any crucial points.” Her baby agrees.

5. This Cat
This cat is too shy to say anything about it, but she feels very strongly about the fact that your jokes get funnier with each retelling.

6. This Giraffe
This giraffe is reading back over your Twitter stream to make sure there isn’t anything he missed.

7. This Cat
“A non-stop thrill ride. Edge-of-your-seat action and nail-biting suspense. I guarantee that you will not be prepared for the spell-binding conclusion.”
-A review by this cat about your day at work

8. This Seal At A Penguin Party
This seal at a penguin party wants you to do that thing again where you say which one of us is which Sex And The City character.

9. This Squirrel
This squirrel is idly wondering whether you’ve ever considered doing standup.

10. This Baby Sloth
This baby sloth thinks you should write an advice column.

11. This Dog On A Road Trip
This dog on a road trip is wondering why you’ve never run for office.

12. This Seal
This seal wants to hear more about your fantasy football team.

13. This Slow Loris Clutching Someone’s Arm
This slow loris is clutching someone’s arm because she is dying to hear how the rest of your date went. What happened next??

14. These Pugs On The Deck
These pugs on the deck are wondering if you could run them through your philosophy about the best way to barbecue again.

15. This Dog On A Surfboard
As soon as this dog on a surfboard gets in to shore, he’s going to ask you to go over the exact details of your route to work, just one more time.

16. These Cats
These cats are listening to you talk about how the Black Diamond at this ski slope would be a Blue Square where you normally ski.

17. This Panda
This panda is listening to your advice about “how to win at social media.”

18. This Baby Sifaka
This baby sifaka is re-reading your Facebook status update one last time before she hits “Like.”

19. This Teacup Pomeranian
“Do you mind turning off the radio and just doing ‘Call Me Maybe’ a capella? Carly Rae Jepsen keeps interfering with my ability to enjoy your version.”
-This teacup pomeranian

20. This Kangaroo
“Wait, you’re saying that you were in your house, but it really wasn’t your house? OK, got it. Please go on.”
-This kangaroo, listening to you explain the dream you had last night

21. This Tiger
You just told this tiger about how you “don’t really watch that much TV anymore.”

22. This Duckling
This duckling doesn’t want to butt in, but she couldn’t help overhearing you mention your time for running that 10K. Is that really accurate? Did she hear you right?

23. This Raccoon
Here’s a raccoon who is earnestly agreeing with your point about how the indie rock scene isn’t what it used to be.

24. This Otter
You just told this otter about your system for organizing your records.

25. The Most Interesting Cat In The World
The most interesting cat in the world is actually only pretending to listen to you - he’s just really, really good at it.

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