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33 Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed In You

Not angry, just disappointed.

1. This Rabbit

This rabbit feels like you always leave her out of your plans and she is beginning to wonder whether it mightn't be deliberate.

2. This Sea Turtle

This sea turtle is wondering why you didn't just do the dishes after you'd finished your meal.

3. This Squirrel

This squirrel just wants you to listen sometimes.

4. This Baby Bear

This baby bear is frankly shocked that you missed that deadline. Shocked.

5. This Blue Jay

This blue jay thinks you could have gone to a better college if only you'd had an eye for the bigger picture when you were a teenager.

6. This Boston Terrier

This Boston terrier wants to know why you only really apply yourself at work a couple of days out of the week.

7. This Toad

This toad thinks you drink too much.

8. This Giraffe

Here's a giraffe who is disappointed that you don't call your family more often.

9. This Hedgehog With A Daisy In Her Hair

This hedgehog with a daisy in her hair wishes you would spend a bit more time volunteering.

10. This Horse

This horse thinks you could accomplish so much more if you only believed in yourself.

11. This Otter

This otter is unhappy about the amount of genuinely terrible television you watch.

12. This Sloth

This sloth kind of feels like you should update your blog more frequently.

13. This Slow Loris

This slow loris is wondering whether you really needed to write that tweet.

14. This Orangutan

This orangutan thinks you let yourself down by "treating yourself" to that candy bar.

15. This Rabbit

This rabbit is not pleased about your occasionally indelicate sense of humor.

16. This Seal

This seal feels like you could stand to have a more refined sensibility.

17. This Rabbit

This rabbit wants the best for you but honestly isn't sure if you even want the best for yourself right now.

18. This Polar Bear

This polar bear kind of thinks that you embarrassed yourself at that office party.

19. This Penguin

This penguin doesn't even want to talk about it right now, OK?

20. This Cat

This cat doesn't think you are as clever as you think you are.

21. This Otter

This otter is disappointed that you never finished Infinite Jest.

22. This Monkey

Here's a monkey who thought you were going to take your New Year's resolution seriously this time.

23. This Lion

This lion just read your drunken status update from last night.

24. This Patriotic Cat

This patriotic cat is still amazed that you thought it was a good idea to drunk dial your ex.

25. This Panda

This panda thought you were going to stand up to your boss for once.

26. This Owl

Oh, look - it's an owl who just figured out how much money you spend on beer every week.

27. This Monkey

This monkey was kind of hoping you were going to stick to that diet.

28. These Baby Meerkats

These baby meerkats genuinely believed that you were going to clean the house this weekend.

29. This Kangaroo With A Broken Arm

This kangaroo with a broken arm thinks you'd have a better chance of finding someone if you'd just have the confidence to put yourself out there.

30. This Koala

This koala thinks you need to explain yourself.

31. This Deer

This deer is unimpressed with your recent attempt to "turn things around."

32. This Cat

Here's a cat who genuinely doesn't understand what your deal is lately.

33. This Corgi

Actually, this corgi thinks you're doing just fine. Because screw those other guys. "Keep up the great work," says this corgi, "I'm proud of you!"