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13 Things Everyone In Germany Can Agree On

Forever swimming in a vast ocean of YouTube frowny faces.

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1. We all feel basically the same way about the new Zayn Malik video.

2. And we're all looking forward to the day when Kanye's hot new track drops, so we can have this experience.

3. We all know that magical feeling whenever someone posts a list of cool new music we haven't heard.

4. It's always tons of fun feeling like you're part of the conversation.

5. There's nothing more hilarious than tricking someone into clicking on this classic music video.

6. And nothing's more satisfying than checking out the latest piece of musical genius from our favorite artists.

7. It's an ancient German tradition that began with one of the first songs ever created.

8. We're so used to seeing this guy that he's starting to feel like an old friend.

9. Laughing together...

10. Crying together...


11. Sharing secrets with one another...


12. And growing old together.

13. In silence.

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