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    22 Sad, Lonely People Who Don't Even Have A Cat In Their Life

    Catlessness is a disease that affects all of us.

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    1. The person who is so frustrated at not having a cat that she needs a whole roll of toilet paper to wipe away her tears.

    2. This man who starts every day yearning for the close companionship only a feline friend can provide.

    3. The person who comes home to this immaculate, empty kitchen, which matches their empty, catless life.

    4. "Another solo game of billiards tonight," says this person to herself every night. "Oh, how I would rather be playing with a cat!"

    5. The person who must gaze down this empty hallway to the empty bed where they will sleep alone.

    6. "What's behind this curtain?" Only your lonely reflection in the window, sir.

    7. This person who needs a larger trash can to throw away all their hopeless dreams of ever having a pet to love.

    8. This person who has somehow failed to realize that the true music of life is ~friendship~ (with a cat).

    9. The person who stands in this empty corner every day and wonders where it all went wrong.

    10. This person who comes home to mounds of trash that he will have to clean up, catless and alone.

    11. And the person who is so lonely that she may as well wear this empty paper bag on her head.

    12. "Looks like it's going to be another long, cold night in this empty bed, with my empty dreams."

    13. The person who drinks to forget the pain of his loneliness.

    14. And whoever whiles away the evenings in this chair ruminating about what a life filled with contented purring might be like.

    15. The deeply troubled person who brings home cat food to a catless home.

    16. This person who wouldn't have to sweep her problems under the carpet if she had a cat to talk to about them.

    17. And this person whose impressive record collection does little to dull the pain of a catless existence.

    18. The man who finds only bittersweet comfort in the knowledge that the clothes he hangs up in this empty closet will certainly not be covered in cat hair.

    19. And whoever walks listlessly through this darkened home, longing for a friendly meow of greeting that will never come.

    20. This person who tried and failed to fill the cat-shaped hole in her life with a dog.

    21. The person who needs a larger sink to catch her tears.

    22. And the person with this human roommate who will never understand him the way a cat can.

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