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22 Brilliant Concepts For Logos

Most of these logos have some kind of hidden image or double meaning, but all of them are attractive and subtle. These are just a few of my favorites - lots more great logo collections linked below.

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  • 1. CityDirect

  • 2. FedEx

    The arrow between the E and the X is gorgeous.

  • 3. Timewatch

  • 4. Goodwill

    Look at the smiling child in the g.

  • 5. Sun Microsystems

    I never realized before that that diamond shape on the left spells "sun" over and over.

  • 6. BirdLove

    Two birds make a heart.

  • 7. Northwest Airlines

    The circle has a W that is also an N that is also a compass pointing to the northwest.

  • 8. Killed Productions

  • 9. Ed's Electric

  • 10. Uptown

  • 11. Piano Forest

  • 12. Toblerone

    There's a bear in the mountain!

  • 13. Playground

  • 14. American Architects

  • 15. Metromobile

  • 16. Country Living Dentistry

  • 17. Elle Hive

    A tractor-design company whose logo is also a tractor.

  • 18. Food Writers Association

    A spoon in a fountain pen.

  • 19. Pencil

  • 20. Night Golf

  • 21. Elettro Domestici

    An Italian home appliance company.

  • 22. Spartan Golf Clubs

    A Spartan helmet and a golf swing all in one.


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