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16 Giant Pet Attacks

People love to take pictures that make their pets look like they are GIANTS attacking tiny, helpless villagers. I don't know why this is such a common pet-owner's fantasy, but it's pretty prevalent - I found a ton of these today. Add your own, or use the Photo Editor to make one.

  • 1. Giant Balcony Cat!

    These dolls thought they had everything - a giant pink house, a beautiful balcony, the works. Then they got devoured by an adorable giant cat.

  • 2. Army Cat!

    These military types are pretty confident about going to war with a monstrous cat at their backs. The cat looks really concerned and troubled about the whole thing though. Maybe he's a pacifist.

  • 3. Roadblock

    "Yes, hello? I'm wondering if you could give me directions to the nearest town. Also, there's a giant house cat in the middle of the road that appears to be devouring cars."

  • 4. City Destroyed

    Total carnage. The sheer magnitude of the suffering that these defenseless citizens must have experienced in a few short seconds is almost too much to conceive. But you can't even detect a hint of remorse in her eyes. The whole thing is just terrifying.

  • 5. Goodbye Melbourne

    Australian cats are HUGE! They should not be allowed near major metropolitan areas.

  • 6. Xena's Most Dangerous Mission

    Xena the Warrior Princess violently interrupts an intimate moment.

  • 7. Biggifying Ray

    Now what are you going to do?! I hope you guys have a shrink ray somewhere.

  • 8. Dogs in Paris

    French people are so cool and apathetic that they don't even seem to mind the two giant Labradors eating people near the Eiffel Tower.

  • 9. Going into Battle

    These two are not striking fear into the hearts of anyone.

  • 10. Tiny House

    It's not clear whether this is the giant cat's home and he is coming back from a hard day at the cat office, or whether he is a vicious killer come to intimidate some unsuspecting family.

  • 11. Victory!

    That remorseless stare can only mean one thing. It did not go well for the doll family that used to inhabit this place.

  • 12. Hamster Attack

    JDAC CC BY-ND / Via Flickr: jdac

    It's the wheel. They should never have put a giant wheel in the middle of their city. What a disastrous error of judgement.

  • 13. Hamster Vs. Robot

    Leave the hamster alone, robot! For your own good.

  • 14. Kitten Attack

    It's tough to tell who's more afraid.

  • 15. Chipmunk Monster

    That giant chipmunk is the last thing you're ever going to see, Mr. Ewok.

  • 16. Fire!

    Do something, kitten! There's a fire.