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14 Reasons Why Mixfon Is The Big Deal New Pomeranian

Mixfon, ladies and gentlemen. If you only meet one Pom this year, meet Mixfon. You won't regret it. (Thanks, Leigh!)

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1. Like any serious Pom, Mixfon has an entourage.

2. Pretty much anyone is allowed to be in his entourage, as long as they are mega-adorable.

3. Yes, even cats. Mixfon don't care.

4. When it's time to joke around, Mixfon will photobomb another Pom just to make you laugh. He's hilarious like that.

5. But that doesn't mean Mixfon is always joking around. Here he is getting deep with a flower.

6. And contemplating the magnitude of the ocean.

7. Here, he prepares himself to be romantic.

8. Here, he is being romantic.

9. Mixfon is also unbelievably stylish.

10. Like, out-of-this-world stylish. This style is from the year 3000. It hasn't even been invented yet, but Mixfon knows about it.

11. Even when he's relaxing, he doesn't take his shades off. Mixfon is just that cool.

12. Everyone is always trying to cop his style.

13. Not cool, other dog. That's Mixfon's style. Get your own style. Ugh.

14. OK, bedtime. Bye now!

The end.

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