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    11 Words That Are Disappearing From The English Language This Year

    This is your LAST CHANCE to use these words if you still want them. All the British newspapers have articles today about a study by Collins Dictionary that has determined which words are obsolete enough to be scrapped. Please try to use one of these words in a sentence today so that we can save them.

    • 1. Aerodrome


      A landing area, esp for private aircraft, that is usually smaller than an airport.

    • 2. Alienism


      The study and treatment of mental illness.

    • 3. Charabanc


      A motor coach, esp. one used for sightseeing tours.

    • 4. Cyclogiro


      An aircraft lifted and propelled by pivoted blades rotating parallel to roughly horizontal transverse axes.

    • 5. Drysalter


      A dealer in certain chemical products, such as dyestuffs and gums, and in dried, tinned, or salted foods and edible oils.

    • 6. Fun Fur

      Fun Fur

      An inexpensive fur garment made from a common, easily obtainable source, such as rabbit, often dyed various colours, worn as an alternative to more expensive furs, such as mink.

    • 7. Stauroscope


      An optical instrument for studying the crystal structure of minerals under polarized light.

    • 8. Succedaneum


      Something that is used as a substitute, esp. any medical drug or agent that may be taken or prescribed in place of another.

    • 9. Supererogate


      To do or perform more than is required.

    • 10. Wittol


      A man who tolerates his wife's unfaithfulness.

    • 11. Woolfell


      The skin of a sheep or similar animal with the fleece still attached.

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