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    11 Reasons Why Lifting The U.S. Horse-Meat Ban Is A Good Thing

    Congress is about to end a four-year ban on horse slaughter in the U.S. Some people are upset about this, but here are 11 reasons why it's actually a good idea.

    1. Horses are stupid.

    2. Horses are stupid and mean.

    3. Horses are idiots.

    4. Horses are stupid idiots.


    5. Horses are mean to cats.

    6. Horses are uncoordinated.

    7. Horses are bad at spelling.

    8. Horses have dumb expressions on their faces.

    9. Durrrrrrrrrrr.

    10. Horses ruin everything.

    11. Horses are attention whores.

    In conclusion: Horses are idiots.

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