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3 Myths And 8 True Stories About LSD

As we've learned from National Geographic Explorer, LSD has had a pretty wacky history since its invention by Albert Hoffman in 1938. How bout we take a crazy trip into the weird world of LSD facts and fiction?!

  • 1. True: The CIA Dosed An Entire French Village With Acid To See What Would Happen

    According to BoingBoing the CIA laced bread from a village bakery in Pont-Saint-Esprit with acid as part of its MK-ULTRA mind-control experiments. One man tried to drown himself, a young boy tried to strangle his grandmother, and a dude jumped out of a window under the mistaken assumption that he was a plane. Nice one, CIA. Really cool.

  • 2. True: Baseball Legend Dock Ellis Once Pitched a No-Hitter Under the Influence of LSD

    This is his awesome story.

  • 3. False: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Does Not Stand for LSD

    Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds was the title of the below drawing, by Lennon's son Julian. The drawing is of his friend Lucy Vodden, in the sky, with diamonds. Whether young Julian was taking acid at the time is up for debate.

  • 4. False: Drug Dealers Do Not Hand out Rub-on Tattoos Laced With LSD to Children

    Ever hear that Blue Star Acid story about kids being given acid in the form of tattoos? Total crock. Why would drug dealers give away acid for free?

  • 5. False: Nobody Ever Took Acid And Thought They Were an Orange

    There have been zero reported cases of acid casualties being confined to a psych ward because they think they'll turn into OJ if anyone touches them. Hasn't stopped anyone from telling that old story over the last 50 years or so, though.

  • 6. True: The US Government Gave Artists LSD To See How It Would Affect Their Work

    This is a series of drawings of a face, made by an artist at intervals after taking LSD. Click here to read his notes. The last one is awesome: "I have nothing to say about this last drawing, it is bad and uninteresting, I want to go home now."

  • 7. True: You Can Totally Get Acid In Obama Flavors!

  • 8. True: Aldous Huxley Took Acid The Day He Died

    In addition to Brave New World, Huxley wrote a seminal text on hallucinogens entitled The Doors of Perception. And he went out like a badass.

  • 9. True: A High School Student in Santa Cruz Totally Dosed His Teacher With Acid on a Field Trip

    You can read the whole wacky story here.

  • 10. True: The British Tested The Effects of LSD on Members of the Armed Forces

    The results were kind of hilarious.

  • 11. True: This Girl Had a Really Bad Acid Trip

  • Inside LSD

    And now, from National Geographic Explorer, everything else you ever wanted to know about lysergic acid diethylamide.