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    The Ultimate Holiday 2020 Gift Guides For Everyone On Your List

    With the holidays coming up right around the corner, here is the ultimate holiday 2020 gift guide for everyone on your list!


    Vase Earrings - Fleurings

    These vase earrings from Fleurings hold water and fresh flowers for that effortlessly beautiful and unique looks. All you need is a several drops of water and a small flower of your choice to create the look. These lightweight earrings are ideal for wearing with small orchid varieties or mini roses, daisies, mums, and a huge variety of other flowers to match any outfit. Eye catching and unique fresh flower earrings make excellent gifts for any woman.

    Female-inspired Canvas Art - Ikonick Women

    With a mission to connect strong, like-minded women from all walks of life and to break the mold and smash the glass ceiling, Ikonick - a leader in canvas art - launched the new Ikonick Women collection to inspire and empower women. Every art piece, design and color palette has been inspired by women who are reimagining the workplace, and the world, for the next generation. Every quote, mantra and definition infused into each piece has been informed by how they live their daily lives.

    Shaving Kit - Aveline

    Aveline is changing the way women shave. It's a radical departure from women’s conventional blade and stick razors. The razors come with three rollerballs at the base of the handle to help the razor effortlessly glide along the skin while you shave. Adding a second contact point creates a suspension that allows the razor to automatically pivot, giving you more control and better maneuverability.

    Electric Grinder - FinaMill

    FinaMill is a battery operated spice mill that’s changing the at-home cooking experience. This electric grinder pairs with interchangeable and refillable pods that can be used with dried spices or herbs such as salt, pepper, dried garlic, dried onions and much more with the push of a button. Changing to another spice is easy by simply selecting another FinaPod. Just click it with one hand, then grind and savor.

    Christmas Face Mask - Alexanto Aprons

    Looking for a festive face mask to add a little fun to your holiday celebration? Alexanto Aprons launched a line of holiday inspired face masks that light up. These masks are made with double layer, super soft, and breathable fabric with a 100 percent cotton inside layer. The LED lights are lightweight and removable and will not get warm.

    Self-care Box - TheraBox

    Recognizing that self-care is necessary and looks different to everyone, TheraBox was founded by therapist Ting Jiang to make it easy for people to discover and maintain self-care rituals that inspire joy and fulfillment each month. Each box includes a happiness activity meant to be practiced throughout the month in addition to 7 to 8 full sized wellness items for the mind, body and soul. Packed with over $120 in value, products are curated by therapists and include aromatherapy, natural/organic bath, body, skincare products, and other lifestyle goodies.

    Jewelry - Idol Light Jewelry

    Idol-Light Jewelry is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to be the life or the LIGHT of the party. The beautiful optical glass jewelry or 'eco-bling' can change colors and create illusions in certain lighting -- perfect for festivals and any special holiday occasions. These statement pieces and layer well, whether dressed up or down. The alluring glass light actually quiets crying babies! It is sustainable and an alternative to gemstones. Optical glass is traditionally used by the scientific community in fields like astronomy and laser optics, but even the slightest imperfection makes it useless to those industries-Idol-Light transforms the imperfect glass into art.

    Pottery Painting Kit - Pottery Awesomeness

    Created by a mom who owns a 'paint your own pottery' studio in the Northeast, these super cute kits from Pottery Awesomeness are the perfect project for kids and families to enjoy together. With themed-subscription boxes, like Christmas, Winter, Valentine’s Day and more, kids and adults alike will be excited to receive these boxes that come with everything they need to create their masterpiece. Each box includes three cute figurines, acrylic paint, paint brushes, a glossy sealer and an instruction card with QR codes that will direct painters to painting tutorials and instructions.

    Smart Vacuum - Tineco

    The smart vacuum from Tineco brings smart sensor technology to a high-performance cordless and ultra-lightweight vacuum for a completely new, intelligent cleaning experience. It can detect the hidden dust and automatically adjust suction power in real-time. The red LED ring indicates debris detected and changes to blue when debris has been cleared.


    Spa Robe - Heat Holders

    Heat Holders Spa Robe is a luxurious way to stay warm at home. The robe is designed using the super soft HeatWeaver fabric, which is perfect whether snuggling up by the fire, just stepping out of the shower, or even working from your home office.

    Stainless Steel Tumbler - Tervis

    Tervis is a family-owned and operated company with cups and water bottles in all your favorite designs. Choose from a wide range of products ranging from stainless tumblers to mugs, and collections with designs from NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Disney, Star Wars, and more.

    Tower Fan - Lasko

    Wind Curve tower fan from Lasko has a space-saving design that blends well into your home decor. The quiet speeds and optional widespread oscillation provide maximum air delivery and full-room coverage. Set your fan to automatically turn off after up to 8 hours of use with the electronic timer option. Operate your tower fan using your smart phone or tablet with Bluetooth technology, and never worry about losing your fan remote again.

    BoomBottle Waterproof Speaker - Scosche

    Magnetically mount your device to the Scosche BoomBottle MM Mobile Speaker, while also magnetically mounting it to most metal surfaces. The bluetooth speaker also has a built-in bottle opener, built-in microphone for hands-free calling, and rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours of music playback. The unique bottle design fits into water bottle cages and cup holders.

    Air Fryer and Toaster Oven Combo - Chefman

    Let your man take over the kitchen for the night with the Chefman Dual Function Air Fryer + Toaster Oven. No more heating up your kitchen with a full-size oven – get the same results as a traditional convection oven with the convenience of countertop cooking for faster and more evenly cooked food. This countertop convection oven is a useful tool in any busy kitchen with variable temperature controls and cooking functions to air fry, bake, broil, convection bake, toast, and more. The advanced dual-function cooking automatically transitions between presets for precise cooking of your favorite foods, just set it and forget it. Enjoy your favorite fried food without any extra oil needed.

    Waterproof Case - Catalyst

    Fully sealed and submersible, the waterproof case from Catalyst can be taken with you whether you go diving, snorkeling or hiking. It is thoroughly tested for immersion up to 33 feet. With a Catalyst waterproof case, you can easily wash your device with soap and water. It also exceeds the military standards for shocks and drops up to 6.6ft since it's made of impact-resistant and scratch-proof polycarbonate.


    Wine Suitecase - VinGardeValise

    Whether you’re going away for a long weekend or coming back from a winery, you will love knowing that your favorite bottles of wine are along for the ride — and safe from breakage. The VinGardeValise is a line of tough suitcases that are gentle on glass, thanks to their dense foam inserts created to cradle wine bottles. The VinGardeValise Piccolo doubles as an anytime, anywhere airline carry-on piece of luggage or as a checked wine travel case to travel safely with up to 5-bottles of wine - with room for your clothes and belongings on the other side.

    Port Finished Straight Rye Whiskey - Milam and Greene

    With its remarkable flavor and beautiful bottle, the Port Finished Straight Rye Whiskey from Milam and Greene is a luxurious holiday gift at an affordable price. This gorgeous ruby colored whiskey with luscious aromas of cinnamon, chocolate, and dark fruits has robust flavors that are carried in a rich, velvety whiskey with a long warm finish. Under the guidance of master distiller, Marlene Holmes, and master blender and CEO, Heather Greene, casks are brought from Indiana to Texas where they are first batched in the Blanco rickhouse and then finished in old Port wine casks from Portugal. The casks are meticulously curated, vatted for consistency, and monitored for flavor.

    Non-alcoholic Spirit - Wilderton

    Wilderton is a brand-new botanical distillate (non-alcoholic spirit) distilled in Portland, Oregon. Available in two expressions: Earthen (spice, wood, smoke) and Lustre (citrus, herbaceous, floral), Wilderton offers a new, truly delicious way to enjoy a crafted moment unbound by alcohol.

    Holiday Bundle Wine - Fall Creek Vineyard

    Founded it in the mid-1970s, Fall Creek Vineyards is the second winery established in Texas post prohibition and one of the most celebrated wineries in the region. Fall Creek Vineyards is making holiday gift giving easier with Holiday Wine Bundles, including its award winning Vintner's Selection Sauvignon Blanc, Rosado, and Terroir Reflections Tempranillo.

    Botanical Rum - Callisto Rum

    Callisto Rum is a California-inspired botanical rum. Botanicals are really having a moment right now, and this rum is a beautiful expression of California botanicals - it is inspired by California's great outdoors and made with locally sourced botanicals. The flavor profile is smooth, aromatic, and floral, and the rum is great in any cocktail (or on its own) - try it as the base spirit in a negroni.

    Vodka - Headwind Vodka

    Kevin Kramer

    Crafted in the heart of Portland, Oregon, Headwind Vodka captures the forward-thinking and adventurous mindset of the Pacific Northwest. Beginning with high quality, gluten free grain, Headwind Vodka is six times distilled. The liquid is then twice filtered using the purest Oregon water. The first filtration smooths and rounds out the liquid. The second provides a high quality polish and imparts subtle character indigenous to the Pacific Northwest.

    Gin - Freeland Spirits

    Freeland Spirits are one of the only women-owned and operated distilleries in history. Based in Portland, Oregon, Freeland is working to make the spirits industry more transparent and equitable. Every month they feature a local Free Spirit and donate a portion of sales to the Free Spirit's nonprofit of choice. Their newest release is a canned French 75 can, which is a bubbly brunch in a can. They also make a canned gin and rose tonic, a botanical gin, a Dry Gin (navy strength), bourbon, and Geneva (a genever-inspired spirit).

    Whey Spirit - Wheyward

    Wheyward is a new category of spirit. Distilled from whey, Wheyward is a farm-to-flask spirit, made sustainably in small batches. Wheyward Spirit stands out from the herd - it has been distilled to retain its signature flavor. Complex and sippable with a natural creamy smoothness, the flavor originates from the whey source and the proprietary process with hints of vanilla cream, warm oak, and spice notes.

    Ultra Coffee - Jot

    Jot is a new Ultra Coffee that is 20 times more concentrated than traditional coffee. Jot can be used to make both hot and cold beverages-- whether you prefer lattes, Americanos, cappuccinos or iced coffee, all it takes is one tablespoon plus 8 ounces of water or milk (hot or iced). Ultra Coffee's only ingredients are filtered water and organic, fair trade coffee-- nothing else.

    Non-Alcoholic Seltzer Water - H20 Sonoma Soft Seltzer

    H2❤ (H2O) Sonoma Soft Seltzer is the the world’s first wine-infused non-alcoholic sparkling water. These naturally delicious, premium beverages promise to define a new category with 0 percent alcohol lifestyle drinks that combine the refreshment of sparkling water and the taste and spirit of premium California wines. H2O is pure water infused with the juice of 100 percent California varietal wine grapes, premium de-alcoholized wine and natural flavor extracts.

    Healthy Drinks - Wet Hydration

    Upgrade your daily hydration with Wet Hydration, a new range of beverages that are Keto-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Kosher, and Non-GMO in BPA free bottles. Wet Hydration is specifically formulated to enhance the different parts of your day, using clean and functional ingredients while remaining 0 calories and 0 sugars. Wet Hydration quenches more than just thirst. Each 12-ounce elixir is both delicious and functional, made of carefully curated nutrients and unique flavor combinations blended in perfect harmony. Every recipe supports specific health goals & functionality: from energy and immunity boosts to relieving muscle soreness, balancing stress, and punching up the vibrancy of physical appearance.

    Electrolyte Beverages - ROAR

    This holiday and winter flu season, stay healthy with ROAR organic beverages. In addition to being USDA Organic, it offers an array of in-demand attributes – electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins A, B3, B5, B6, C and E, no preservatives, and only 2-3 grams of sugar and 20 calories per serving.  All that goodness comes with great taste in four delicious flavors:  Mango Clementine, Cucumber Watermelon, Blueberry Acai and Georgia Peach.


    Macarons - Savor Patisserie

    Made by hand, these mouthwatering treats taste like they are straight from Paris but are made in the heart of Texas by a woman-owned and all woman-staffed bakery. Just in time for the holidays is the Christmas Collection, with green Christmas Cookies, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Gingerbread, Candy Cane and Eggnog. You can also make your own box with classic favorites like Salted Caramel, Pistachio, and Birthday Cake. Either way, know that they’re all made from a perfect mix of almond flour, egg white and sugar surrounding a filling of ganache, buttercream or jam -- but less than 100 calories each and gluten free.

    Alcohol-infused Truffle Cake Balls - Twisted Truffles

    What could be better than delicious cocktail-inspired, alcohol-infused truffle cake balls? Based in New York City, Twisted Truffles offers custom ordered, delectable cocktail-infused goodness for all your special occasion needs. These scrumptious, bite-sized cake balls come in flavors like Strawberry and Sparkles (strawberry cake mixed with sparkling wine and covered in bright pink chocolate), Pretzels and Beer (butter yellow cake mixed with an Irish stout beer, covered in milk chocolate and topped with crushed pretzels, and Limoncello (lemon cake mixed with limoncello, covered in white and yellow chocolate and topped with yellow sugar sprinkles).

    The Nutcracker Truffle Collection - Delysia Chocolatier

    In honor of the world-famous holiday ballet, Delysia Chocolatier launched 'The Nutcracker' collection featuring the newest assortment of chocolate truffle flavors inspired by this holiday tradition. From the Vintage Christmas tree rosemary orange chocolate truffle, inspired by strings of orange slices adorning an evergreen tree to the Nutcracker lebkuchen chocolate truffle paying homage to the nutcracker’s native country of Germany, the newest chocolate truffle collections features some of our most complex and aromatic chocolate tasting experience yet.

    Gingerbread Banana Bread Mix - GoNanas

    Gingerbread Banana Bread Mix from GoNanas combines the original banana bread with the warmth of real ginger and allspice. This vegan, gluten free, top allergen free mix will spice up your holidays, and only requires you to have common ingredients on hand - bananas, maple syrup or honey, oil, and milk - making them super easy to make and great for the whole family.

    Meringue Cookies - Tidbits

    Give and share the gift of Tidbits Fun Bites Meringue Cookies that are sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, cholesterol-free, and non-GMO in Cookies and Cream, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla. The treats are bite-sized and come in a 40-piece resealable bag.

    Adaptogen and Nootropic-Infused Chocolates - Eat Gold Organics

    Organic and handcrafted in small batches, these bean to bar chocolate bars are the perfect blend of flavor and function. Choose from options like Be Happy, Create Magic, Immune Shroom, Big Orgasm, Pre Pump, New Mama, Sweet Dreams, and Menopausal Goddess. Each bar has a specific purpose: one for good vibes, one for good sex, one for good sleep, one to boost energy and immunity, one to support brain power, one for workouts, one for new moms, and one for hot flashes.

    Flavored Honey - Zach and Zoe

    Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm isn’t just a business; it is a project of passion that was started to care for the founder's own family. The honey is produced in rural Hunterdon County Farm to meet the unique nutritional needs of the founder's children, so you can trust that they pour their heart and soul into every jar they make. The flavors range from matcha and lavender to raspberry and blueberry.

    Holiday Variety of Chocolate - Lily's

    Lily’s new limited-edition holiday bars in Mocha Hot Chocolate, Peppermint White Chocolate and Gingerbread Milk Chocolate bring all the holiday flavors you crave without the added sugar (or guilt). Even Santa will be wanting to make a trade for his milk and cookies.

    Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts - Ripple

    Ripple Plant-Based Frozen Dessert is smooth, creamy and indulgent just like dairy ice cream. Try mouthwatering flavors like classic Vanilla and Chocolate, as well as Cookies and Creme, Cinnamon Churro, and Mint Chip.

    Popcorn - Johnson's Popcorn

    Treat your family and friends to the delicious popcorn recipes from the beautiful Ocean City, New Jersey Boardwalk. Select your favorite for the holidays to treat your whole family to from tubs and tins of delicious sweet and savory popcorn. All products are gluten-free and you can choose from Caramel Corn, Salt-n-Sandy, Cheddar, Peanut Crunch, Chocolate Drizzle, Platinum, Butter and Tri-Flavor.

    Keto Ice Cream - Killer Creamery

    Looking for a guilt-free keto ice cream that is so creamy, rich, and decadent that you will forget its low carb? Grab a pint of Killer Creamery in any of its 8 delicious, gluten-free flavors, including Chilla in Vanilla, Peanut Blubber, No Judge Mint, Jam Session, Got Buns?, Caramels Back, Main Squeeze, and Brownie Points. Using only the cleanest, highest quality ingredients in each pint, health-conscious desert lovers will appreciate Killer Creamery's commitment to purity and nutritional value. Their unique recipe features C8 MCT oil from coconuts, allulose, a low-calorie sugar that doesn’t cause sugar spikes, and a prebiotic fiber, which offers anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular system health benefits. With every mouthwatering spoonful, you’ll be rewarding yourself in more ways than one.