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15 Genius Items That Will Make Your Beach Vacation Even Better

Beach, please. Book a vacation with Expedia, then grab a bag and go.

1. A low-key sunscreen flask.

2. And actual sunscreen that's carry-on friendly.

3. A beach blanket that won't blow away.

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4. A bag that easily lets sand escape.

5. A novelty tee (or tank).

6. A beach towel with built-in speakers.

7. Or a round towel, because why the hell not.

8. Giant dominoes that won't get lost in the sand.

9. Bocce balls that light up so you'll never lose them.

10. A swimsuit that tells the story of your past life.

11. A beach chair that actually makes it possible to read.

12. And a cover that will keep your e-reader safe.

13. A solar-powered phone charger that actually works.

14. An extreme beach umbrella.

15. And a giant emoji beach ball.

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