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13 Things To Do In Vegas That Won't Give You A Hangover

Vegas is so much more than partying, and the only way to really know it is to go! Plan your own wild yet headache-free Vegas adventure at

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1. Have your own fighter pilot experience by flying a combat plane.

Courtesy of Sky Combat Ace

If you're an adrenaline junkie, Sky Combat Ace is for you. Either join the thrilling ride of loops and twists as a wingman or have an instructor actually teach you how to execute air-to-air combat tactics and fly the plane yourself.

2. Explore nature trails at Red Rock Canyon.


Vegas isn't known for its nature, but it should be. Outside of the urban centre of the city, Red Rock Canyon lies with its many trails. For a moderate hike, try the Las Vegas Overlook or Echo Canyon-Fossil Ridge Loop. If you want a challenge, Gray Cap Peak is a good bet.

3. Cool off at the pool, duh.


Vegas has the cream of the crop when it comes to pools. Don't just lie out; check out a lazy river, watch a concert from the pool, douse yourself in a waterfall, or jettison down a waterslide through an aquarium.

4. Watch other people get hitched.


Getting hitched is a time-honoured Vegas tradition, and there are plenty of chapels (drive-through chapels and themed ones) happy to help happy couples tie the knot. Between traditional, Elvis-officiated, zombie-themed, and Ancient Egypt–themed weddings, you'll have plenty of great people-watching to do.

5. Literally go diving with sharks at Shark Reef Aquarium.

Courtesy of Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef Aquarium

At Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef Aquarium, certified divers can participate in guided dives with over 30 sharks, including sand tiger, sandbar, and whitetip reef sharks. And, of course, you get a souvenir video at the end to document your bravery.

6. Laugh your ass off at a comedy club.


Las Vegas is chock-full of comedy clubs, big and small. Whether you're looking for established comedy institutions with touring acts or small joints with up-and-coming comedians, you can yuk it up in Vegas on almost any given night.

7. Scream your head off at The Adventuredome.

Courtesy of the Adventuredome

Did somebody say "indoor amusement park"? Yes, Vegas has one. It's enclosed in a glass dome, which means you can visit it any season. It also has 25 rides and attractions, so you'll be plenty busy shrieking on roller coasters and scaling a rock climbing wall.

9. Learn about weird stuff at all the niche museums.


So maybe you don't think of Vegas as a place of learning, but it's actually filled with all types of unique museums. If you're at all interested in the mob, pinball machines, neon signs, classic cars, and art, then Sin City is the destination.

10. Feel the need for speed by racing supercars.

Courtesy of Exotics Racing

Flashy cars are everywhere in Vegas, but mostly it's all look but don't drive. Driving is exactly what you can do at 225kph on a 2km track with seven turns at Exotics Racing. They have 50 cars and 14 models to choose from, as well as racing lessons and ride-along experiences, so they can satisfy any kind of need for speed.

11. Take a photo with a million dollars, on display at Binion’s.


You may never have a million dollars, but you can take a picture with a genuine pyramid of a million buckaroos at Binion's. Who knows? Maybe it'll help you manifest that dream!

12. Let the water whisk you away on a Hoover Dam rafting tour.

Courtesy of Hoover Dam Rafting.

Board a pontoon boat and float slowly down the Colorado River, experiencing the Hoover Dam from a perspective rarely seen. The guide will give you a history lesson on the dam and point out desert wildlife such as bighorn sheep. You can even go for a swim during lunch!

Bet you didn't think Vegas was as multifaceted as it is.

There's more to Sin City than drinking. Let Vegas bring out a different side of you. Birthday party or honeymoon or bachelorette party? Let customize the perfect Vegas trip for you and your Vegas alter ego.