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Celebs Watched “Deadma Walking” And Their Responses Are Stellar

“Deadma Walking,” the only 2017 MMFF film with a Palanca-winnng screenplay and one of only two Graded A by the CEB is touching plenty of hearts and tickling lots of funny bones. Its heartwarming premise about two gay best friends or beshies who plan a fake wake (because one of them has cancer and wants to experience his own death) has certainly captured the imagination of viewers, both gay and straight, young and not-so young, your average Janes and Joes, and also celebrities. And they simply can’t stop raving about the performances of lead stars Joross Gamboa and MMFF Best Supporting Actor Edgar Allan Guzman!

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The stars that have tweeted, IG-ed, posted FB updates and commented about DW are as plentiful as the actors and actresses who have cameos in the film. Here are just a few of their stellar reactions:

Angel Locsin is profuse with praises!

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Empoy Marquez is shookt!

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Deadma Walking got Bryan Santos super intrigued

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Meryl Soriano’s IG stories post showing Joross some love!

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“Deadma Walking,” rated PG by the MTRCB, is showing nationwide in over 70 theaters. The comedy is graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board. For updates, check out the FB page of producer T-Rex Entertainment.

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