Suit Up: Becoming Batman On A Budget

We all dreamed of be coming the caped crusader, and now with some smart shopping you can. Just don’t get caught

Since Batman was introduced to the world in 1939, he has inspired fantasies of distributing justice in dark alley ways by using cool gadgets and rooftop heroics.

One of the major reasons that Batman has remained a cultural touchstone is that he’s a mortal. Unlike his super-powered contemporaries, Batman wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider, or born on Krypton. He is just like us — with the exception of an obscenely large bank account.

Forbes estimates that Batman, or otherwise known as Bruce Wayne, is worth $6.9 billion. With a war chest like that, it’s easy to gather and create all the wonderful toys that Batman uses. But is it possible for wannabe superheroes to become Batman on a much smaller budget?

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