18 Burning Questions I Have After Watching Marvel's New "Eternals" Movie

    Have the Eternals ever met Thor?? Just sayin.

    🚨 Be warned: there are spoilers ahead for the Eternals movie, obvs. 🚨

    Hiya, HUGE Marvel fan here! Today I'm gonna be addressing the latest MCU release, Eternals, which I’ve been looking forward to for ages!

    If you don't already know, Eternals follows a group of powerful immortal aliens who have been living among humanity for 7,000 years protecting them from "Deviants".

    The movie has so far had pretty mixed reviews, but as a person who sees EVERY Marvel movie as soon as it drops, I had to check it out for myself. Here are 18 questions I was left with after seeing the film:

    1. What actually are the Eternals?

    2. How do the Eternals know where to find each other?

    3. Why was Sprite built differently from the other Eternals?

    4. When it comes to the Eternals inspiring well-known myths such as the fall of Icarus, what's real and what isn't?

    Landscape With Fall of Icarus by Carlo Saraceni

    5. Have the Eternals met any of the other gods?

    6. Were the Eternals supposed to stay out of human affairs or not?

    7. Why were Deviants even created in the first place?

    8. Why didn't Kro team up with the Eternals?

    9. Why does Mahd Wy'ry drive Thena to kill everyone?

    10. Is Ikaris dead?

    11. And is Tiamut also dead?

    A giant stone head and finger tips rising out of the ocean surrounded by clouds

    12. Does Sprite still have her powers?

    13. Where did Arishem take the remaining Eternals?

    14. Will Galactus ever turn up?

    15. Who was Dane talking to?

    16. And more to the point, who spoke to Dane?

    17. What's the deal with Eros? (Also, Harry Styles?!)

    Harry Styles wearing a fluffy green scarf in front of a floral wallpaper

    18. And finally, how come no one once said "Eternals Assemble"???

    I gotta say, overall I really enjoyed the movie. The two hours 37 minutes run-time was worth it to introduce all these new characters and give us reasons to love them. I'm also glad that infamous Angelina Jolie CGI shot from the trailer was better in the film!

    Who cares about the Rotten Tomatoes score I came here for Angelina Jolie being badass #Eternals

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    What did YOU think of Eternals? Let us know in the comments!