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The Surfing Trooper is a unique Travel Blog on Tumblr showing how one of Vaders iconic Henchmen is taking a well earned vacation. What could possibly go wrong in his absence? There is a mystery about the man behind the mask as the website just states: “The Surfing Trooper is taking a vacation from the Empire to surf around our world.

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"Wish you were here" (canggu, bali)

woah, a close one…never got this alliance of humans and four legged wookies! (montanita, ecuador)

I sense something, a presence I’ve not felt since. … (montanita, ecuador)

Another Job that just didn’t work out… (bondi beach, australia)

IT’S A TRAP! (northern beaches, australia)

"Look Sir, Fridge" (nanuku, Fiji)

"Man, I think we need to see her identification." (huanchaco, peru)

Right now I feel like I could take on the whole Rebellion myself. (balian, bali)

“The Bula is strong with this one.” (maqai, fiji)

The Trooper just made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs with his new tie-board. (ayampe, ecuador)

"Vader would go" (nanuku, fiji)

Time to kick some Hobbit Ass! (hobbiton, new zealand)

I never knew I had it in me. (montanita, ecuador)

"Man, I think we need to see her identification." (huanchaco, peru)

"Aren’t those the droids we are looking…for?" (huanchaco, peru)

"Hm, seems the empire is smaller than I thought" (machu picchu, peru)

For over a thousand generations, the Surfing Troopers were the guardians of peace and justice (taghazout, morocco)

Surf Instructor: Another Job that just didn’t work out. (sidi kaouki, morocco)

“Do or don’t… there is no try.” (sidi kaouki, morocco)

The Dark Side (maqai, fiji)

"How about some Ayur-Vader" (canggu, bali)

“To infinity … and beyond!” (huanchaco, peru)

I’m Surfing Trooper. I’m here to rescue you!” (back home)

"And he’s still frozen in carbonite." (arrifana, portugal)

"You must feel the Force around you; here, between me, the ocean, the fish, everywhere, yes." (ahangama sri lanka)

"Your Tuk Tuk’ll melt before you reach the first marker…" (ahangama, sri lanka *special thanx to jo henker)

"I wish they all could be Surfing Trooper Girls…" (nusa lembongan, bali)

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" (nusa lembongan, bali)

Looking for swell… (monument valley, north america)

The deadliest Predator in the sea! (sarangan, bali)

Living the Vida Troopa (california coastline at highway 1, usa)

The deadliest Predator under the sea! (nusa lembongan, bali)

Yub nub eee chop yub nub.."-Damn you Ewoks! (balian, bali)

“In time you will call *me* master" (maqai, fiji)

Something, something, something, Dark Side. (bondi beach, australia)

Have you seen him?

"That was too close!" (sarangan, bali)

Calling it a day.. (canggu, bali)

Beachboy (canggu, bali)

Here to surf your World!

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