10 Things People Living With Epilepsy Will Understand

Some of us have it while some of us love someone who does, but we all live with it.

1. While swallowing your tongue during a seizure is impossible, you very well might bite into it…hard…several times.

Evil Dead, 2013 / Via denofgeek.us

This is painful…very painful.

2. The mortification you feel when you realize you missed all of your mom’s phone calls and she’s on her way over to check up on you.

It’s even worse when you’re over 30 and she’s reminding you not to use the bathtub while in the house alone.

3. Rolling your eyes when you see a seizure joke in pop culture, but then chuckling to yourself while thinking about it later on.

Because it’s always okay to laugh at yourself.

4. The knowing look on your face when this screen comes up as you boot up your video game console.


5. Having to accept the fact that you might soil yourself during a seizure.

But you can take comfort in the fact that no decent human being will laugh at you for it.

6. Feeling like a broken record while explaining your condition to someone new in your life.

The Anita Kaufman Foundation / Via akfus.org

And the sense of frustration at another reminder that seizure first aid is not common knowledge.

7. The empathy you feel for anyone who tells you they’re scheduled for an MRI.

And the way you will never forget that clunking noise. Never.

8. Ending up with weird bruises, bumps, cuts, or more severe injuries that you don’t remember receiving.

And feeling like you pulled every single muscle in your body for days after it happened.

9. The anticipation of finding a medication regimen that actually works, and the disappointment when the latest one does not.

Guessing which side effects you might experience is an adventure too.

10. Remembering that no matter what kind of day you’re having, a seizure disorder is a medical condition and it does not define you as a person.

And don’t forget that, no matter how lonely you might feel, you’re never truly alone.

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