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The 15 Greatest Fan Tributes To The Evil Dead Franchise

Groovy. The most terrifying film experience in existence is coming to a theater near you. Prepare yourself for the unbridled carnage of Evil Dead, now playing in theaters everywhere.

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1. This cake.

2. This hat.

3. This awesome fanart.

4. This animated homage.

5. This bento box.

6. This Peanuts mash-up.

7. This other cake.

8. This 60 second remake.

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9. This Necro-nom-nom-nom-icon pizza.

10. This eerie animated poster.

11. This spookily spectacular dress.

12. This cat claymation remake of Evil Dead II: Dead By Nyan.

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13. This third cake.

14. This badass bike.

15. And this rotoscoped Evil Dead recap.

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