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18 Struggles Only Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing People Will Understand

What it's like being us...

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18. "Hey you heard me just fine!" or "I don't see a hearing aid!"

Okay I'm a little deaf - just deaf enough to make life a little difficult.

17. "Why don't you get some hearing aids?"

Yeah no, I'm not rich. And it's not that bad...

Yeah no, I'm not rich. And it's not that bad...

16. When people silently mouth things to you:

Genius. Really, that's hilarious. Never got that one before..

15. Being around people who mumble or talk insanely quiet:

Seriously I only recognized one word, try again!!

14. The most common thing you say is "WHAT?" or "Huh??"

I'm sorry, I really am....

13. ...And so your friends get annoyed really fast..

and hate having to repeat themselves

12. When you ask someone to repeat themselves and they say "Never mind":


I don't care if you think it was stupid, I wanna know!!

11. So most of the time you pull the nearly "tried and true" - Smile and Nod.


It works like 90% of the time

10. most of time time...

You get really good at guessing around what they meant...

9. And the times when it doesn't work...

You feel like a really stupid fake...

8. Words that help b.s. your understanding in a convo are, "really?" "oh wow" or "huh."

(huh as in "huh, that's neat!")

7. When people get annoyed about the subtitles:

New Line Cinema

To you subtitles might be annoying but it's either that or I'll be tapping you every minute with a, "What did he say?"

6. When people are frivously talking over the show or talking over one another:


5. When you guess at what the other person said & it was totally wrong:

"You want me to pass you the gooks?"

4. So I mostly "go with the crowd" on general concensuses so I know what's going on.

Oh yeah, what he said.

3. But you know it's always hilarious so you're friends get a kick out of what you thought they said.


"I'm empathic."

"What?! I'm a meth addict?!?!"

2. Even this is you most of the time...

1. Your friends still love you the way you are!

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