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    18 Unique And Bizarre Places In The US Everyone Should Visit Once In Their Lifetime

    From the spot where ice cream flavors go to die to a shop that sells everything you need to travel in time.

    The coronavirus pandemic is still impacting travel, and destinations around the world have different COVID-19 restrictions in place. Always check and adhere to local government policies. Many of these locations may be temporarily closed, but we hope you'll use this list to dream about a future trip.

    1. Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard — Waterbury, Vermont

    A tombstone for "Schweddy Balls," and ice cream flavor inspired by an SNL sketch
    Dakota Deady / BuzzFeed

    Of course, you’ll want to visit the Ben & Jerry’s Waterbury Factory too, but this site, where dead and long-forgotten ice cream flavors are put to rest, is too wonderfully strange to pass up. Once you’ve gotten your scoop from the factory’s Scoop Shop, head behind the building to pay your respects to flavors that have passed on.

    2. Carhenge — Alliance, Nebraska

    a man poses in front of sculptures made from old cars painted grey.
    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    A visit to England’s Stonehenge may be a while off, but America’s version of the historical site is arguably just as interesting (and makes for an excellent photo op). At Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska, grey, vintage cars replace Stonehenge’s prehistoric standing stones for a wonderful tongue-in-cheek replica.

    3. Leila's Hair Museum — Independence, Missouri

    4. Time Travel Mart — Los Angeles, California

    5. The Paper House — Rockport, Massachusetts

    6. Mmuseumm — New York, New York

    7. Valley View Hot Springs — Moffat, Colorado

    8. The House on the Rock — Spring Green, Wisconsin

    Carol Highsmith / Getty Images, Buyenlarge / Getty Images

    At The House on the Rock, oddities are the norm. Around every corner is a curious sight — or a stunning one, depending on where in the house you are. There’s a 200-foot long sea creature, the world’s largest carousel, and music machines that choose their own songs — but there’s also a beautiful garden and a narrow room that juts out over the valley for 218 feet (and, as you’d imagine, has spectacular views).

    9. Vent Haven Museum — Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

    10. Mermaids of Weeki Wachee — Spring Hill, Florida

    Three mermaids underwater
    Robert Sullivan / Getty Images

    If you've ever dreamed of seeing (or being) a mermaid, there’s only one place you need to go: Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, a magical place where real-life mermaids (aka people wearing fishtails) perform elaborate shows underwater. Just sit back in the park’s underground auditorium and enjoy the wildly impressive show.

    11. Thor’s Well — Yachats, Oregon

    Giant sinkhole in the ocean with water pouring in
    Morgan Somers / Getty Images

    The Oregon coast can be wild, and nowhere is it wilder than at Thor’s Well near Cape Perpetua. Here, a huge hole on the coast seems to swallow the ocean. Watching gallons and gallons of sea water get gulped up by the seemingly bottomless sinkhole is both entrancing and terrifying.

    12. Neon Boneyard — Las Vegas, Nevada

    13. Museum of Death — New Orleans, Louisiana

    14. Synchronous Fireflies — Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

    Bright yellow fireflies in dark green woods
    Putt Sakdhnagool / Getty Images

    Two weeks a year, usually in late May to mid-June, a stunning natural phenomenon takes place in Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Thousands and thousands of synchronous fireflies (Photinus carolinus) synchronize their flash patterns to attract mates. The result is a beautiful dance of greenish-yellow light — something that everyone should witness once in their life.

    15. The Brewmaster’s Castle — Washington DC

    16. Mütter Museum — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Shelves of skulls with placards
    Allentown Morning Call / Tribune News Service via Getty I

    At the Mütter Museum in Philly you can see the tumor from President Grover Cleveland's jaw, the skeleton of a very tall man, and the fused bones of Harry Eastlack, a man who died of fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a rare disorder where tissues (like tendons and ligaments) gradually turn to bone and make the body immobile. The real showstopper, though, is the brain of Albert Einstein, which is laid out in slivers.

    17. The Wave Organ — San Francisco, California

    Concrete and cobblestones on the ocean
    Carol Highsmith / Getty Images

    On a jetty in San Francisco, the ocean meets its own musical instrument — an acoustic sculpture that makes sounds as the tide comes in. The intricate organ is constructed from PVC and concrete pipes that extend down into the water, and it sits on a jetty made from the remnants of a demolished cemetery. The effect is haunting and peaceful (and beautiful, thanks to the site’s city views).

    18. Mapparium — Boston, Massachusetts

    The view inside a stained-glass globe of the Earth
    Boston Globe / Getty Images

    Geography lovers, look no further. At Boston’s Mapparium, you can literally step inside a globe and get up close and personal with a map of the world. This three-story globe made of stained glass resides inside The Mary Baker Eddy Library and has a hovering walkway so you can stroll straight through middle.

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